Are your On-Field Operations 100% Automated?

Are Your On-Field Operations 100% Automated?

Next generation field service management software automates the entire process of on-field jobs for your team. It reduces manual efforts and paper-based workflow drastically. A robust system helps in making on-field tasks simpler and streamlined through a logical flow of entire process that starts from creating on-field service jobs/work orders, assign to right representatives and ensure timely completion.

Many times it happens that field operators visit a location where internet is not available. Such situations may happen at any location like manufacturing unit of a company that is situated in basement, a medical lab and clean rooms where internet is not allowed, a factory location that is located at outskirts from main city where hardly you can expect connectivity etc. In all these situations, one cannot move ahead to perform jobs from his mobile/tablets if software does not permit to work offline.

What If Your Field Service Management Software Does Not Support Offline On-Field Operations?

  • Investment goes in vain if the system does not allow to access needed information when its needed the most
  • Spent more time, money & energy and still you remain settled with partial automation by performing some of the activities through system plus paper driven
  • Due to performing partial activities manually it drives human errors. Single wrong entry generates wrong reports

If your existing Field Service Management Software contains all the above limitations, then it’s time to think, ‘Does your Software Completely Automates your On-Field Operations Process?’

Offline On-Field Operations – What You Gain

  • Greater flexibility due to non-dependency on internet connectivity
  • Higher productivity, speed & efficiency to perform on-field jobs
  • Faster loading time of tasks to be performed on the field & submission of completion
  • Error-free & accurate results of on-field operation process
  • Seamless on-field operation irrespective of internet connectivity

How Offline On-Field Operations Works?

Process to Manage On-Field Operations through Offline Access

Step.1: Download On-Field Jobs

Field operations manager/administrator of the process would have created multiple tasks to be performed on the field with web application and he assigns it to a particular operator. Operator opens his mobile app/tablet app before visiting any no internet zone and downloads the on-field job orders.

Step.2: Perform On-Field Jobs

Once the action items are downloaded, operators can perform entire process of on-field activities successfully and update all information into mobile/tablet app and data gets stored in mobile/tablet device in an encrypted format.

Step.3: Synchronization

When you are in a better connectivity zone synchronize your app and encrypted data gets synchronized automatically with web application. The field operations manager/administrator can get instantly updated results with various graphical reports on his web application.

Radix Excellence for On-Field Operations Software Development

Radix team has proven expertise in building and implementing robust field service management software that is easily accessible in online as well as offline mode. Our experts simplify your complex on-field operations process and get instant results of activities performed. Get in touch with our representatives to share your project requirements.

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