Embrace Field Service Automation to Reform your Business System

Embrace Field Service Automation To Reform Your Business System

Do you feel managing on-field operations is a hard nut to crack? Automation is like tested water to overcome the twists and turns and that too in a buttery way! In case, you are still inbound with the manual or first-generation management systems, then it’s the right time to break the jail and move ahead. A well-made reason behind it is that Field Service Automation aids organizations to simplify an overall business process and achieve more with less.

The Power of Automation: More than 62% of field service leaders leverage some level of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy

About 76% of field service providers report that they struggle to achieve revenue growth. Don’t let yourself be a part of this, as there is a better way to fly high by adopting the right automation software to make your on-field operations streamline and silky. Dive into the discussion that how modern field service management performs to polish your business system and find ways to technicize your traditional one for geographically dispersed work.

Efficacy of Field Service Mobility & Cloud Computing

Field service software and mobile workforce management make a good pair and join hands with the technicians to perform in-line without any loopholes. Considering a variety of services offered and areas of operation, custom field service automation systems use mobile technology to help technicians perform tasks smoothly. Field service mobility plays a key role as it assists with modern ways to automate the field service management. Let’s look, how?

80% of field service organizations say mobile field service is required to improve staff efficiency and speed

  • The key to Remote Resolution in field service optimization is Mobility. It facilitates users with remote resolution of problems by using smart machines equipped with sensors
  • To the organizations flooded with Big Data, IoT connected devices and automated machines provide a back support to the mobility solutions to process, use, store, and manage Big Data
  • Field service mobility helps in improving customer engagement and communication. With mobile, it is possible to create real-time service moments for customers and streamline everything from requesting appointments to invoicing
  • Cloud computing is a chain which provides a platform for enterprise mobility, big data, security and remote resolution for actual execution successfully. It provides a well-defined structure to let workers collaborate with each other


How Field Service Automation Aids Efficient Job Management?

Automation in Field Service Management simplifies entire process right from receiving service request to order fulfilment. This directly reflects how efficiently you can manage your daily jobs. It provides a back-bone support to the remote-field service technicians and task managers to access jobs of work orders from anywhere, anytime.

  • Push high job completion ratio per day for each worker
  • Amplify task progress and achieve service delivery rate
  • Align the new requests easily with current schedule
  • Generate precise reports and analyze the performance
  • Simple steps to plan future schedule and tasks
  • Optimal usage of time and increased focus on core business
  • Save resources by avoiding unnecessary trips
  • On-time job completion to meet SLAs

Challenges & Roadblocks to Field Service Management

While considering the benefits of the digital five forces like Mobility and Pervasive Computing, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics and Social Media, the enterprises who are using traditional business systems face many roadblocks in daily process. Make the best of your workflow chiseled by productivity, which leads the better path for workforce productivity followed by enrich customer experience.


As 52% of organizations are still using manual processes, it results in loss of real time information, poor visibility of field force activities, delay in reports filling and invoice generation, etc. The traditional business systems are noticeably time-consuming and cost prohibitive, which may convert into customer dissatisfaction and in the last make your business unstable.

Enterprises face challenges and have many questions like, which level of support it can provide? How to integrate it with existing systems? How scalable is the software? What intelligence capabilities it has? Remolding your business system and acquiring technology software is the right punch to strike the challenges.

Automatize and Line-up Remote Field Service Management with Radixweb

Digital Five Forces succor the field service management software for improving workforce productivity and service standards. Incorporate techno-wizards to ameliorate the traditional system for better topline and bottom line growth. Radixweb is a hub of experienced developers who know all nuts and bolts of field service automation. Make us understand the complexity you face for on-field operations, and we assure you to that we will come back with pertinent solutions straight away. Ping us to reform the on-field operations and propel your business from the run-of-the-mill position.

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