Are You Quick Enough to Quote a Custom Printing Inquiry?

Are You Quick Enough To Quote A Custom Printing Inquiry?

Still struggling to act faster on a custom printing inquiry? Responding to a lead as fast as possible with required information, increases chances of conversion drastically. Harvard Business Reviews has done extensive research on this and concluded that businesses which respond to a lead/request for quote inquiry within an hour gets 7x chances to qualify a lead and have a important conversation with key decision makers. Even after establishing a meaningful dialogue with prospects, if you’re taking a long time to provide a quotation then probably you’re losing business to your competitors.

How to Get Instant Quotes for Custom Inquiry?

Print ordering happens in different mechanism depending upon the product type and quantity. Most standard product printers (e.g. Commercial Printers) uses online web2print system as there would be a consistent type of printing orders in medium size quantity and you can easily use such ready-made systems to provide instant quotes as well as directly getting online orders.

When it comes to custom printing jobs, ordering process is completely different. It requires lots of human interactions, back and forth to conclude requirements, delivery timeline, quantity, etc. It may require considering specific quoting parameters which are specific to an order/business. You’ll need to produce multiple quotations with different permutation and combination and provide it to the client to select the best option. Products like Books, Magazines, Packaging Materials, Cartons Printing, and Large Banners Printing etc. fall under this category.

Providing instant quotes is difficult for such custom printing inquiries or large quantity inquiries and your sales staff may not be in a position to offer multiple quotations instantly and you may be losing business to your competitors. We work with multiple print industry customers and have helped them to develop a tailor-made print management system which can be used by their sales representatives to automate the quote calculation activities in such situation and provide instant quote with multiple quantity options.

Key Advantages Tailer-Made Automated Quote Calculation Offers

  • Set minimum required parameters and configure quote calculation logic
  • Add/modify quote calculation parameters anytime as per your needs
  • Cut the requirements finalization timeline as your sales representatives can instantly ask questions as per predefined quote parameters
  • Allow sales representatives to add additional parameters depending upon the needs
  • Access the tool from anywhere – web/mobile/tablet
  • Engage your customers by providing multiple quotes as per different quantity level
  • Get comprehensive reports about total number of quotes generated/submitted
  • Integrate your quote calculator with other third party systems

Why Should You Say No to Ready-Made Systems?

You’ll find some ready-made systems but again it’ll work as per industry standard parameters and you may have to compromise doing certain calculations manually plus it won’t provide you that flexibility to work the calculator as per your needs.

Custom Print Management System to Automate Complete Process

Bespoke print management system can be integrated with your existing CRM/Accounting/MIS system and you can also make automated workflows of task assignment, project creation, artwork approvals, invoices creation etc. to simplify your business process and have peace of mind with full control on your multiple business activities.

At Radixweb, we are experts in developing custom web-to-print software solutions and we work with print businesses like commercial printers, trade printers, print brokers, in-plan, specialty product’s printers etc. by providing tailor-made systems. We’re known as simplifying technology for print industry. Share your requirements with us.

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