Storage Driver Development

Radix is one of those few handful companies who have consistently produced pioneering work in the field of storage driver development.

Our in-house team of techies has repeatedly developed innovative, high-end storage drivers that are highly regarded for their technical consistency and watertight reliability. Our storage driver development efforts involve controller command sets and I/O interfaces that include SCSI, SAS, AHCI /SATA, ATA/ATAPI, Fiber Channel, USB, iSCSI, and NVMHCI.

Radix has seamlessly integrated a host of storage technologies with devices like hard disk drives, solid state drives, hybrid hard disk drives and solid state storage subsystems. In simpatico with leading operating systems and embedded platforms, like Windows, Linux and UNIX, the Radix storage drivers feature high performance and stupendous capabilities.

Since 2000, Radix has steered the growth of storage drivers defining and redefining the acceptability standards. We stand at the forefront of any and all development for storage drivers and storage technologies.

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