Printer Driver Development

Radix enjoys a longstanding legacy of developing and customizing firmware, printer drivers and application software that can support different types of printers.

The Radix professionals have tremendous experience of developing drivers compatible with laser, dot matrix, ink-jet, black and white and color printers. With Radix being an elite member of the Microsoft Certified Gold Partner cadre, our drivers conform to the Windows operating system. We develop drivers that enjoy a simpatico with Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Radix is also currently pioneering the development process for the recently released Windows 7 operating system.

However, Radix does not simply stop at Microsoft. We have also developed enviable support for Linux and UNIX drivers. We have extended our technical knowhow and industry experience to develop high standard, reliable and high performance printer drivers for the Linux and UNIX systems.

Radix drivers also feature transparent connectivity over serial cable connections, Infrared, Bluetooth, USB, smartphone including any other network connections.

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