Radix has earned itself quite a niche position in the field of development based on PCI, PCIe and PCI-X.

PCIe or PCI Express is the open standards based serial I/O interconnect. An apt heir to PCI for client/server system, Radix leverages the potential of PCIe for embedded applications. Our experts efficiently utilize the framework to craft out cutting edge storage, server, mobile and desktop applications. We also develop robust and cost-effective control plane applications using PCIe to enhance the quality of communications.

The Radix technocrats are already deploying PCIe as a peripheral device interconnect and a chip-to-chip interface. We engage PCIe to simplify motherboard designs and improve signal integrity by reducing signal routing problems.

Besides coming up with commendable peer-to-peer transfer applications using PCI-X, we are engaged in attempting to deploy applications that have higher bandwidth requirements like Ethernet and Infiniband on the PCI-X platform.

With all said and done, Radix views PCI, PCIe and PCI-X as powerful technologies that hold a lot of promise for making server rooms and data centres faster.

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