Network and WLAN Driver Development

Radix has repeatedly proven its technical soundness by developing trailblazing networking driver solutions. Our team of experts has time and again dazzled the technical world by crafting highly innovative networking and WLAN drivers.

Proficient with all the leading operating systems, the Radix team has charmed many a PC networking hardware technologies. Our engineers armed with panoptic experience, have set new standards in system level network interface cards (NICs) development. An elite Microsoft Certified Gold Member, Radix has become an authority for Microsoft NDIS driver model. Besides Windows, our team has undertaken successful development for network driver models for other operating platforms.

Radix has further stamped its presence in developing support for wireless devices using wireless LAN (WLAN). Our extensive experience with 802.11 a/b/g/n technologies is further complemented by our knowledge of PCMCIA, PCI and USB interfaces. The Radix experts also feature hands-on involvement with development of wireless internet functionality for wireless devices.

Our across-the-board experience makes us an able partner to address your development needs for network driver development and WLAN support.

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