Embedded Development

Embedded development is serious business with only a handful few engaging in this baffling process. However, Radix has repeatedly put forth some pioneering work and won accolades.

Radix’s specialization in the sphere of embedded development is underpinned by its decade and half years long experience. Over the years, we have developed some groundbreaking solutions crafted out of cutting-edge technologies. Our embedded services include designing, developing, testing and implementing custom hardware, Board Support Packages, custom firmware, and interface and protocol.

Surmounting the constraints of real-time performance, safety and usability, Radix’s embedded solutions have delivered reduced time-to-market and enabled businesses to focus on core competencies. We have acquired great proficiency in developing embedded solutions that are compatible across all the leading operating platforms and processors. Our expertise spans across firmware for digital devices to real-time applications to web-oriented control interfaces.

Radix embedded solutions also cater to multiple industries like telecommunications, consumer electronics, medical and biotech, printing, security, biometrics and many more. Our solutions are further marked by simplicity and cost savings.

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