Custom Firmware Development

Radix has established a strong presence in the area of firmware development for embedded systems.

Confident of its abilities in coding and programming, the Radix team has exhibited rare expertise in developing custom firmware – a relatively gray area for many industry participants. We have developed some of the best industry firmware for a host of different processors using Assembly, C and C++ languages. Our team comprises of experts for different firmware technologies like NAND Flash Memory and flash management algorithms, Solid State Disk, SCSI protocol and SCSI Hard Disk Drive. Our firmware supports a variety of devices ranging from PCI, PCMCIA, media devices to USB devices.

The Radix team offers end-to-end support for firmware development that starts out with identifying the product specifications and ends with testing for quality and environment.

The Radix firmware has delivered faster uptime for various boards and has successfully addressed the inherent limitations of different hardware devices.

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