Radixweb’s Field Service Management Software Is Transforming Global Businesses With Hyper-automation In BizOps

Radixweb Unveils The Best FSM Software

In 2020, the international field service management market was valued at USD 3.0 billion. Intriguingly, it has been estimated that this multi-billion dollar industry will grow to USD 5.1 billion by 2022. Yet, the underlying concern remains – how can a management team run operations effectively and faster to boost business growth? Radixweb’s automated field service management software comes as the best bet here.

With an ingenious, error-free, and easy-to-impute approach to an organization’s field workforce, Radixweb has been excelling in the world of field service management for the past year. Our custom field management software leverages highly advanced, hyper-automated enterprise operations to increase the market base and elevate businesses’ competitive bar.

In this regard, Mr. Pratik Mistry, Vice President of Sales at Radixweb, has put forward an expository perspective given the fact that FSM software has brought unlimited adoption amid the on-field workforce in the limelight. As he put it, “When we build bespoke FSM software for a client, we ensure that our solution effectively coordinates fieldwork with office administration prerequisites and big-picture business strategies,”

Continuous and effective communication with an on-field team while allowing the on-field representative to focus on the vital work and not on paper trails is of utmost importance for a business. Especially over the past few months, the Covid-19 pandemic has made several business owners realize this pressing priority. This is where hyper-automated services offered by Radixweb’s FSM software come into the picture.

As technology is advancing day by day, it gives birth to the need for automated business operations. In such critical time, Radixweb, in collaboration with a handful of clients worldwide, has developed tailor-made FSM capabilities that enable indispensable automation features, such as customer satisfaction, enterprise mobility, predictive maintenance, transfer of legacy knowledge, optimizing process management issues, and much more. Together, the overall aspect of hyper-automation has resulted in 100% client success.

In addition to this, as per clients’ needs, Radixweb’s FSM software solutions can also provide valuable information on enterprise equipment location, live-tracking of vehicles carrying goods, and digital manuals for employees as reference.

It has been predicted that by the end of 2030, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will contribute around USD 14.2 trillion to world output. This volume to secure uptime could be an exceptional differentiator for business with field operations. Radixweb’s FSM services include adequate predictive maintenance capacities that can administer the field service model. This opens a new pathway where on-field technicians or representatives can know a customer’s requirements, even before the issue surfaces.

Radixweb’s FSM technology consists of automated maintenance requests as well. Technicians around the world can now amplify resources and eliminate unnecessary field visits. Moreover, all the data about work history and relevant activities can be registered to make the overall process notably faster and smoother.

41% of organizations with field workforces expect mobile field service applications to manage the increasing number of service demands. More and more service agencies worldwide are now understanding the connection between effective FSM software and efficiency. Radixweb’s FMS software has authorized checks and better access to different tasks and inventory, enabling representatives to accomplish more in the field than ever before.

These are automated solutions provided by Radixweb FSM software:

  • Scheduled appointments
  • Critical documentation
  • Real-time alerts
  • Paper trails
  • Timesheets
  • Access to real-time inventories
  • Access to customer histories
  • Creation of new work orders
  • Communication within on-field teammates

The absence of field management and vulnerable scheduling can create several significant issues, some of which are delayed reactions to crisis calls, late appearances, insufficient fixes. As per 51% of enterprises, customer alert functionality is the most significant element. The hyper-automation offered by Radixweb’s FSM software now allows technicians to inform the changes regarding a task to their customers quickly. This helps in keeping everybody informed of what’s happening around. The customer can directly register their issue and keep a check on its status in the system. In return, representatives of our clients’ enterprises can answer customer requests and provide them with the exact timeline to fulfill the project.

When a company loses an expert professional, there’s more to lose than just talent. They are losing legacy knowledge as well. The FSM software created by Radixweb has integrated client front offices with their administrative center. In other words, automated field service arrangement with accounting systems or ERP. This forms a robust source of high-value data, allowing technicians, management teams, and dispatchers to identify the overall viewpoint of customer profiles and information. This data is solely based on customers’ buying patterns, associations, installments, and other relevant information.

Radixweb’s FSM software automates and expands data visibility to improve the utilization of that data through all enterprise features. Organizations that have welcomed this software to automate BizOps stay ahead of the curve as long as customer satisfaction, productivity, and streamlining business processes count.

To conclude, it can be said that Radixweb’s FMS software has an awe-inspiring track record. It has been helping customers obtain potent data and increase automation while decreasing manual labor and blunders. It has helped improve the value of its clients, both regards to their business and their customers. With a broad experience in building cutting-edge FSM software, Radixweb is now all braced up to leverage the power of hyper-automation to take global businesses to the next level in this epoch of technology.

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