Communication Driver Development

Radix has surmounted the orbit of communication driver development.

Since 2000, Radix has associated itself with developing communication drivers and firmware support for PCs and embedded operating systems and platforms. Our team has garnered extensive experience with devices like PCs, smart phones, PDAs, gaming consoles and custom-made devices.

Radix has demonstrated its expertise in developing driver solutions for USB, IEEE 1394, Bluetooth, UltraWideBand and Modems. Our communication drivers conform to the Windows operating system, Linux, UNIX, Windows CE, Symbian, and other proprietary operating systems. We further ensure that our driver solutions support Ethernet, Serial and Special Communication Card interfaces. Radix also develops communication drivers for legacy applications.

Today, Radix houses some of the most authoritative figures and veterans of the industry who ordain the development process for communication drivers. Beyond mere development, our team oversees the implementation, deployment and maintenance of these drivers. We also offer a seamless upgrade management service for these drivers.

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