Cardiac Scan Readings and Reports System

Developed one-stop futuristic healthcare analytics software IT to create seamless communication, better visibility across platforms and transparency between various stakeholders for cardiac readings

Cardiac Scan Readings and Reports System
  • Automated cardiac scan system for capturing ECG readings and verifying medical reports from various geographically diverged locations
  • Authenticated reports module for specific classification of patient records’ leading to more visibility and flexibility
  • Reduces risks and brings optimum transparency in status updates and workflow of patient data between various owners
  • Cloud based secure Healthcare IT Software for Cardiology and access of millions of sensitive data stored in reports


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Business Model

Dedicated Team

Technology Used

  • .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • MVC 5
  • SQL Server 2014

Our approach to web-based solutions for healthcare

Leveraging our expertise in Healthcare technology, Radixweb turned to be an ideal partner for the client. Our team of techno-crats analysed, understood and came up with a quick solution as mentioned below:


From the initial unreported holters to verification by technicians to the final stage of doctor’s signature on the report is a part of this module. Using DMS API, readings were collected to the central database to be displayed under the dashboard. Once reviewed by technicians, these readings moved to reported section. The review cycle was managed seamlessly in this module.


ECG reports were classified in two categories- soft copy ECG and HCECG. The processing of these reports were quite similar to that of Holters with minor changes. Here, HCECG reports were reviewed first by doctors and then by technicians and proper definition of roles and responsibilities was established. Next, the soft ECG reports were made easy to download using McKesson API integration.


It was one of the most significant module of the web application as it was fully customized to meet queries and write comments for all linked reports. With various technicians, doctors and organizational executives working simultaneously on reports, transparent communication was the key to avoid hiccups and assure a glitch-free ride. The chat feature distinguished between the unread and read conversations.

Synchronized Cardiac Reports

With a feature-rich web based solution, the client enjoyed hordes of new-age flexible features like: satellite account for various organizations, cloud database to store the readings and reports, dashboard view with perfect classification of different reports’ categories. For better usage- downloadable PDF reports, conversations module, tags for reports, signature attachment and billing entities were available.

Clients Achievement with Cardiac Scan System

With the challenges receding with extensive use of latest technology – the client was pleased with the cardiac scan system and its distinctive design appeal prevailing between its diverse set of users:


  • Improvised and efficient workflow
  • Seamless and smooth operations
  • Better scalability for users

Increased Authenticity

  • Multilevel verifications led to improved reliability
  • Increased customer base
  • No data ambiguity in centralized database

Intuitive Insights

  • Reduced time and costs because of using single platform
  • Engaging user experience
  • Convenient and error-free billing process
Cardiac Scan Readings and Reports System result
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