What’s Humming in the World of Embedded Software Development

What’s Humming In The World Of Embedded Software Development

As computers and sensors becoming smarter, smaller in size, and get connected to each other, objects ranging right from the clothing to cars are becoming more intelligent. In the past 10 years, we’ve witnessed a revolutionary change in the way embedded software is developed. Embedded systems are hauling the market rapidly and spreading legs in our lives viciously which is becoming more important and complicated conjointly. So the need emerges of developing embedded software arises which have to deal with important factors like quality, cost, and faster time-to-market. The Embedded software architectures are complex and fragile, technological platforms evolve and change constantly. In order to keep the pace and deliver what market demands, one need to know what the trending scenarios are in embedded software development world and ways to tackle all the hindrances.

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Ministering the Trends of Embedded Software Development

In an Embedded world, there is an increasing requirement to deliver a growing volume and variety of components which themselves are of complex nature. In the case of semiconductors, geometries are becoming smaller while design sizes are increasing. Thus, there is a need to expand design teams beyond one location and come up with the best possible design. With larger teams and round the clock business operations, the large volume of data will be generated which should be handled skillfully. Of course, a thought of an offshore development center is just a right click.


No matter which part of the electronics design market it is, there is always a requirement to work in faster timeframes. This has to be done keeping in mind cost overheads in a marketplace which is totally unpredictable and where having the competitive advantage is short-lived. However, software development methodologies and tools have evolved to match industry requirements. They can help in faster time to market and in preventing unnecessary costs. Identifying the matured IT partner who helps to embrace time-tested process can be a wise decision.

Agile Methodology

The Agile movement has been around for a decade but has become popular only in recent years. The reason being, potential benefits of this methodology is in agreement with today’s hardware market where rolling out new products in shorter timeframes is required. The Agile method focuses on coming up with a commercially viable product rather than going for 100 percent perfection and accepting that further improvements will be needed, depending on user feedback.

Continuous Delivery

A research had found, about two-thirds of organizations were practicing Continuous Delivery in one form or another, even if they were not using the Continuous Delivery label. It is a good option against Agile methodology. The basic principles of Continuous Delivery are a centralized pipeline, focus on early feedback, automated build and test, which means deployed software was the one which was originally tested rigorously.


In the field of enterprise software, DevOps has been debated a lot for adoption and best practices over the last couple of years. It acknowledges the role that software plays in a business’ success, provides a link between development and operations teams, ensuring smooth, transparent process. The theory is logical but execution can be challenging and depends on everyone adopting the same cooperative approach, right processes, and tools.

Hybrid Version Control Systems

Off late, emergence of hybrid version control systems have been another development because of which developers can work on projects on an individual and local basis, at the same time giving firms control, traceability and visibility of developers work. As not all DVCS solutions offer the same functionality, you need to ensure multiple file types and users are supported, appropriate security and support exist and the system is able to handle extra demand or volume.

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