Wafture Embedded Development Trends 2017

Wafture Embedded Development Trends 2017

2017 is knocking our doors. It’s going to be a year of technology connected world. Embedded systems are making a pace in market by all means. The technology storm is perceived during the year 2016. Still, a burly wave is awaiting to shake the world presenting sublime technology compounds. Computers and sensors programmed together to help the companies manage their tasks in a smart way.

Embedded software market size is expected to grow by 7% CAGR to be valued at more than USD 18.5 billion by 2023Click To Tweet

It’s an era of artificial intelligence & to stay ahead of the pack, businesses not holding the Embedded systems must go for the same. Technology giants hit the platforms frequently & introduce the advancements with upgraded concepts or may be brand new tweaks. So, the ones maintaining Embedded Software must re-engineer it to produce the unrivaled outcomes.

Embedded system market is estimated to surpass USD 250 billion in 2023Click To Tweet

An analyst team predicts that 2017 will witness people addicted of using intelligent machines, AR & VR connected embedded systems and IoTs. Obviously, mentioned terms are well known in the modern time. But yes, the spellbinding new impressions of these terms will be in a spotlight. What exact advancements will be spotted under the tag of embedded development? Curious to upgrade yourself? Dive into the sizzling trends for ruling the market in the just coming year 2017.

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Embedded Software Development Tweaks for 2017

Internet of Things

Devices with built-in networking capabilities to observe a buzz around them. If we go through the statistics, then around 28.4 billion devices are going to design another world of IoTs during 2017 and the numbers will continue to boost as the years pass. The IoT-focused development boards to be stand by in 2017 are SAM R21 Xplained Pro, Arduino Uno, Pinoccio, TinyDuino, UDOO, Libelium Waspmote, The AirBoard, Tessel 2, Flutter, SODAQ, etc. Techies will be using Photon microcontroller & SBCs like Edison along with the onboard WiFi radios. IoT devices are not limited to posting data to a web server, the techno geeks can program them to perform real-world actions as well depending on the streamlined requirements. In the upcoming year, the world will observe the devices and projects responding to push events generated through the Tweets, Mouse events, Emails & much more.

Intelligent Machines

Smart machines are supposed to deliver the time being, accurate outputs by adopting the most recent technology tweaks & tools. Industry giants embracing the technology have started investing in the development of smart machines. Human Robots, Room-service Robots, Autonomous Vehicles, Autonomous Cars, Drone-Based Delivery, can be marked as the smart machines framed and developed by the brilliant minds. But, this is not the limit line. Artificial intelligence is going to rock the world and all activities would be done keeping the technology in the center with the help of smart machines. There will not a single chance of leaving the human errors. The technology leaders will make the use of embedded system, artificial intelligence and beyond the expectation ideas to amaze the world. Technology enthusiasts are making efforts to shape up the most powerful processors and cheap yet clever sensor systems to frame the most feasible machines.

Embedded development trends info 2017

AR & VR with Embedded Systems

Clubbing the AR, VR, Cognitive system technologies and embedded systems will facilitate people and machines to communicate smoothly. The combined technologies are expected to deliver the stunning outcomes. VR is emerging technology, and tech giants are spending hours to get the best out of it. Resulting, do not feel surprised to see people around you wearing the VR headsets. Behind the scenes, embedded systems play a key role in creating the advanced, intelligent as well as cheap scene generators. Advance embedded technology is marked to be more customized and user-centric which generates quality outputs. In order to provide rich user experience, embedded technology will support better interconnectivity and connectivity with external systems for AR and VR devices.

VR Software revenue in 2017 is expected USD 1,088 Million – Adopt trendy VR apps for businessClick To Tweet

Microcontrollers & SBC

Each business in the industry demands the custom embedded development. SBCs have limited core libraries and hence, Coders need to work smartly and write code by their own if they are supposed to deliver the custom and low-cost embedded development products. Utilization of limited code libraries and processing will be used smartly by the brilliant embedded systems code writers to meet the strict custom needs of their respective clients. When it comes to custom Embedded System Development, and anybody is earnestly looking to have the embedded software solutions for business, then approach Radixweb for classic embedded engineering solutions.

IoT Data Tools

Nowadays, the sensors & hardware devices are behaving maturely. Communication and connectivity between the systems and cloud push impel the innovation in wearable devices, self-diving cars, industry machines and much more. IoT data tools will eclipse data to be more useful. So by the times, machines will not just collect and store the information, they can learn & respond accordingly.

Dominate your Business in 2017 with Radixweb Embedded Development Aptness

Radixweb has an in-house crew of embedded engineers who are technically sound to craft the custom embedded system requirements from scratch. A rich experience of 16 years of Radixweb makes it liable to produce the unexcelled embedded software for any domain. A perfect blend of expertise, experience & proven methodologies makes it smooth & silky for Radix team to feed the businesses with advanced services for Embedded product Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, Drivers Development, BSP & OS Porting. Still, there is an ocean to dive-in, let’s connect to build your ideas tuned with our aptness and make 2017 a year which devil-may-care.

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