Software Testing: Know Four Reasons Why it is Crucial for Your Business

Why Software Testing Is Important?

With the increasing digitization of business processes, software has become a ‘way of doing business. Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and other such technologies have penetrated all types of companies and industries. The evident reasons behind this quick inclination of organizations towards these latest technologies are increased efficiency, effective management, clear communication, and personalized customer service.

But as every coin has two sides and while everyone is going gaga over new tech trends, companies are also risking their digital products’ security by avoiding a crucial part of the software development, i.e., software testing. Let’s try and hash out why testing is important.

The businesses that do not understand the need for software testing and are preventing or limiting its scope to decrease the expense of software development and software verification and validation- are in trouble.

If you are a decision-maker, you know that no matter how good any product is, it is impossible to reach the desired target audience without making any significant investment in its marketing and formulating an effective go-to-market strategy!

Similarly, software testing is not an expense but an investment to identify the product’s errors and vulnerabilities and ensure its better performance, security, and ultimately success.

Just like all modern development projects require continuous development and innovation, software needs continuous testing. Whenever a new code is released, or a new module is introduced to the project, there arises a requirement of regression testing and black-box testing.

Software Testing definition

It is a method of checking the final product with the specifications demanded by the users. Testing in software engineering examines the software’s functionality using specific tools and aims at locating and fixing bugs.

Types of Software Testing

Certain types of testing are applied to maintain quality assurance in software testing. Here are a few major ones to keep in mind.

1. Functional testing

The purpose of functional tests is to examine the functionalities of the final software product. The final testing mainly incorporates mainline functions, accessibility, usability, and bugs. It helps in checking security, database, APIs, communication, etc.

2. Non-functional testing

Non-functional testing mainly analyses the performance, scalability, reliability, etc., of the final software product. It is performed, followed by functional testing using specific tools. A few examples of non-functional testing are load, security, volume, stress, installation, compatibility, and migration testing.

3. Maintenance

It is an after-delivery phase of software testing. Maintenance is exercised when the software product is already delivered to the customer. It helps to alter and update the software application to fix existing bugs and errors.

Why is Software Testing Crucial for your Business?

Although all these reasons are enough for a tech-savvy client to understand the significance of testing, we have listed below four main reasons as to why testing is essential to employ software testing services for their project:

1. Cost Savings

The equation is pretty much straightforward; the earlier you detect an error, the cheaper it is to fix it. There are four levels of Software Testing:

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

So, if you have a Quality Assurance team employed right from the start of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), the overall cost of fixing the errors will be much less. Unit Testing means finding errors while individual models are developed. If an error is encountered during unit testing, it will be easier to fix it as only that module needs redevelopment. Suppose the errors are identified during the integration phase. In that case, the cost of pinpointing and redeveloping the mistake and making it work again at the integration stage will be much more than that of the cost of fixing it during unit testing.

Now imagine that the whole project is complete and is rolled out in the market for the end-users, and then an error is identified. Not only will the mistake cost a fortune as the hours put in to fix the whole system will be massive, but the entire system might also be compromised and can lead to a damaged reputation.

So, while few might think of testing as an unnecessary expense, you now know that it is essential to employ a trusted software testing company to undertake software testing and maintenance services right from the requirement gathering stage of SDLC.

2. Optimum Security

The main reason for Wannacry ransomware being able to penetrate several systems of various enterprises was because the enterprises were not using the updated version of the Microsoft Operating System and the old system had some flaws.

Facebook faced a gargantuan breach of data because they didn’t test their new preview feature as a user button added to the business page. They failed to identify the error, and because of which hackers were able to access the personal data of the page’s followers. Isn’t it scary to even read about these incidents, let alone being affected by them?

So, it is evident that software development testing is a continuous activity. With every update, the software needs different software testing types like white box testing, regression testing, black-box testing, and other such tests.

With the increased networking of technologies and software, it is even easier for phishers and hackers to infect the whole network by exploiting one loose end or one vulnerability of any one element of the software.

For instance, Mirai Botnet was able to exploit the IoT devices connected to the internet and infiltrate the connection with malware which led to vast portions of the internet going down, including Twitter, The Guardian, Netflix, Reddit, and CNN.

If the software or its new modules are rolled out without proper software testing basics, the system might become vulnerable to such attacks.

3. Attain the Best Possible Version of the Software

Software development basics ensure that the software is error-free and secure and improves the performance of the software. Ensuring increased acceptance by the end-users, software testing helps with Performance Testing, Beta Testing, User Behaviour Testing, and Acceptance Testing.

It has also become an integral part of the modern phenomenon of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development approach, which helps identify user behavior and future developments of the modules, ultimately improving the end product.

Over a period of time, the scope of testing has become vast. With the introduction of automation in testing, the contribution of Quality Assurance in software development and maintenance has genuinely improved. So, hire an expert software testing company to undertake quality assurance tasks. You will probably get the best possible version of the software to give you the competitive edge you desire.

4. End-User Satisfaction

There is no rocket science behind this. Suppose the product has undergone extensive software testing, leading to optimum security, increased scalability, better performance, and impeccable user experience. In that case, the software will savor the fruits of testing resulting in higher user satisfaction. The market is saturated with Software testing myths that we have busted in this article.

Also, you know how important word of mouth is for your software product for all those marketing nerds out there. So, if the user is satisfied, they will recommend it to others leading to better market gain. Don’t worry if there is an unexpected flow of users on your software, because if you have employed an expert QA team, they would have already tested the software for its capacity to where the server is overwhelmed by the traffic and would have made necessary changes based on the expected traffic.

This is how vital software testing is for the life of your software. And as said earlier, it starts right from the preliminary stage of SDLC until the software is in the market and goes through innovation.

So, instead of ruling out such a significant SDLC aspect by considering it as an unnecessary expense, it is essential to understand how imperative it is to employ software testing services for your dream software project to become successful.

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