Top 5 Critical Challenges Facing Enterprise Mobility

Top 5 Critical Challenges Facing Enterprise Mobility

Immense hike of enterprise mobility usage is thanks to its outstanding capabilities to simplify the work process by allowing real-time access to office information to remote employees. It improves organizations bottom line by offering competitive advantages right from increased employee productivity and satisfaction, better customer service to costs reduction.

But, alas, that which glitters is not always gold, so does enterprise mobility management too. It’s a booming next generation technology nowadays, still it runs with some pitfalls. Are you aware what challenges mobility brings?

The global enterprise mobility market will grow at a remarkable CAGR of 24.7% from 2015 to 2022

5 Challenges of Enterprise Mobility: Organizations Get Ready to Resolve

Data Security

The biggest concern of enterprise mobility management solutions is security of organizational data. There is a frequent transformation of information from business wall to mobile devices through Cloud Computing platform.

Based on BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) concept, enterprise mobile application allows employees to work with personal devices at remote work locations. In case, the device is stolen or missed, it can be a serious issue for organizations as all sensitive data and business info are stored in it.

Mitigate security risk of Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) using scalable tools and next generation mobile application development. Use advanced techniques to build up mature mobile management solutions such as

  • Device Virtualization
  • Data-at-rest Encryption
  • Secure Boot Loader
  • Device Locking
  • Role-based Bata Access, etc.

Privacy Compliance

IT staff of organization is highly concerned about sharing information via BOYD. While performing the job using personal device, it is possible professional data and personal information will be mess up. This will enhance possibilities of data leakage that is a serious issue for every organization.

Defining strict privacy compliance policy, IT admins can control such situation up to some extent. Consistent control of IT staff over the data limit user’s ability to forward, print, copy and paste data. They can also make sure that one cannot transfer data to outsider.

Data Connectivity

Professional data availability at personal mobile of workforce is prior need if organization wants employees to perform the job without location constraints. It does not simply contains emails or internet access. There are several business applications that run on personal device of employee.

As the number of employees increase, more devices will be connected to the same network for information sharing. This will improve load on the network and reduce the efficiency of work. So, organizations have to set up an advanced IT infrastructure to manage on-site and off-site operations effectively and accurately.

Enterprise Systems Integration

Well, businesses do not run on 2 or 3 software. To automate the workflow, several systems need to be interconnected with each other such as CRM, ERP, inventory database, GIS (Geographic Information System), and so on.

However, it is a big challenge for IT professionals to fetch relative data from diversified systems and set its seamless synchronization with mobile devices. To get expected output, IT staff has to establish strong real-time communication among all enterprise systems and mobile devices or approach the IT partner who facilitate this seamless synchronization.

Intact with Technology

Market of mobility is moving rapidly than the internet did. Keeping this in mind. Evolvement of technology is rapid. Hence, IoT (Internet of Things), Wearable Gears and native products of mobile devices are increasing. Although there is a good news, that it is creating lot of possibilities to grow for organizations. But on the other hand, the bad news is companies have to get this newer technology and quickly transform.

To overcome this and stay competitive, organizations should partner with seasoned IT services provider who can help build up robust enterprise mobility management solutions that are compatible enough to satisfy booming needs of existing and evolving technology platforms. Coherent behavior of applications generates consistent output, improves workforce productivity and increases ROI.

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