How enviousness made Saiyed fall in love with technology?

Saiyed’s Journey at Radixweb

If you’re a millennial, then I’m sure technology seemed to be some magic trick during your childhood. We were amazed how the TV remote could send signals wirelessly and how we could make calls and send messages to our families/friends from a small device.

But now, in our era of digitization – magic happens every day second. Even while writing this post –new technology is introduced in the market.

This pace and ever-evolving nature of software and technology intrigued Saiyed to dig deep into the domain. Today we will share the story of Saiyed Faisal, who is currently the senior technical lead of PHP.

Saiyed, during his childhood, was very fond of tech and the way it worked. This curiosity made him start his career in the software development domain.

Now let’s hear Saiyed’s own experience and journey at Radixweb.

What made you first get interested in technology?

During my 11th and 12th standard, few of my friends had computer science subjects that I didn’t, unfortunately. When we used to meet after completing our school and tuitions, they gossiped about the new thing they learned on the computer. It was 2005 probably, and computers were a big thing then.

And being not able to take part in those gossips made me feel envious as well sad. Since then, I decided to learn everything related to computers and programming languages.

How would you describe your role at Radixweb?

I had a goal to achieve a recognized and reputed position in Radixweb by utilizing my skills and strengths. Initially, I joined Radixweb as Jr. Developer and did quite a lot of coding.

Now after more than 9 years of my association with Radixweb– I’m leading a team of 10-12 skilled people. I provide technical support and guidance. Apart from this, I manage multiple projects within my team, do resource management, client communication, and project estimations.

What inspires you to come in (or log on) every day?

Story of Saiyed Faisal

In IT industry, you constantly get to know and learn new things and technology. This is what inspires me. Every new project we take has something new and challenging task.

Taking up new challenges is super rewarding for me, and surrounded by such creative and innovative minds uplifts the spirit at work. The Tech industry is not yet running at its full potential. I believe there are tons of opportunities that can improve the operations and customer experience. As a Radixian, I’m trying to provide something in these areas to help optimize the software experience of our clients.

Apart from this, the best part that makes me come to work is the vibrant life at Radixweb. Peers are always supportive to overcome any challenge.

What kind of training did you receive?

I got different kinds of training throughout my journey at Radixweb according to the level I stepped into. Initially, we got technical training in PHP, which was very helpful. The trainers were very professional and provided the right kind of training that helped me immensely. I was given client communication training, business communication, and time management training too.

What was the greatest challenge you have faced in your career with Radixweb? How did you overcome it?

Being in a custom software development team, we used to get many big projects on multiple and new technologies. My challenge was to prepare myself and my team to learn new programming languages and technologies.

Following this instance, I remember one client that asked us to work on totally new technology that we had never heard of. This was a challenge to prove our skills, and without giving a second thought, we accepted it.

To overcome this challenge, I constantly motivated the team and provided the necessary guidance to them. I monitored the project very close via daily standup meetings, in-person talks on the team’s desk, asking about their progress and the difficulties they were facing. With team effort, we were able to get the result that the client desired.

Upon completing this project successfully, we got more projects from the same client, and they’re still associated with Radixweb.

Tell us about your typical workday when you were fresher vs now

Well, I joined Radixweb as a fresher. I was an introvert person during my initial days, although I was keen to know how an IT company works, hence observed minute things. I had a goal to achieve a recognized and reputed position in Radixweb by utilizing my skills and strengths.

Slowly and gradually, I learned many new technologies that helped me a lot in complex projects. My peers and seniors were too friendly and always guided me when I used to get stuck with something.

Eventually, I was given the responsibility of managing a team of skilled programmers. I always thought to lead the team the way I expected my leaders to lead and guide me. So yes, it was very exciting and challenging to lead and guide my team by sharing all the experiences I had gained in the past 9 years.

Last question – do you enjoy the work at Radixweb?

Saiyed Faisal On Working at Radixweb

Nobody will be associated with an organization for almost a decade if he/she is not enjoying the environment or work. Everyday when I get ready for work, my mind starts to think, what can I do something innovative or effective that can help me and my organization. To be honest, one can get this feeling only when they are more than happy and satisfied with their job. The culture we have at Radixweb is something that can’t be expressed in words. I’m thankful to all my leaders of Radixweb, who have constantly helped me shape my career path.

To the new freshers joining Radixweb, I’d like to say that I failed thousands of times, so don’t be afraid to fail. Sometimes I make mistakes even after gaining so much experience – that’s ok. Just keep exploring new things and experiment with them; if you don’t get the desired output, no issues, stay persistent, and soon enough, you will.

Opportunity Awaits…

Well, that was an amazing journey of Saiyed. However, his initial day, he got failed and could not cope up with the technologies. But as we say – success never leaves our hand if we work hard and learn to improve ourself.

Saiyed’s journey from taking a baby step at Radixweb to leading a team of 10-15 was quite inspiring and memorable. If you want to lead the path of success, then I guess, you should grab every opportunity that knocks on your door. Be part of our growing team at Radixweb. The vast pool of opportunities awaits!

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