Adrenaline Piqued at Radixweb Pique-Nique 2018

Adrenaline Piqued At Radixweb Pique-Nique 2018

Did you say ‘Picnic’? Turn up the Radio then

Once in a while, right in the middle of hustle-bustle of our professional lives, a picnic gives us “Fun-Stories” to last for years to come. Off to make amazing “No Guts, No Glory” tales this time, Radixians zoomed their way to a tranquil yet placid mise-en-scène for a day that will become a happy memoire!

‘So, we meet again!’ says Euphoria to all the Radixians.

The place was filled with fragrance of freedom and aura of exhilaration. Harnessing our spirits for crossing the plank bridge, Burma bridge, commando net walk, Burma Loop, and many others- each shout or cry had its moment. Zipping our way amidst the serenity of lush green fields from a rope was the ‘Most Sought Video’ for every Radixian!

Picnic high rope activity

Exploring the Child in Us

Swings…Slides and See-Saw!

Living the famous song’s “When you get older, your wild life will live for younger days” line, Radixians lived their younger days. Bringing our zingy weather to the Picnic day, we explored the ethnic way of living in bountifully spread fruit orchards. Warm sunshine, crystal skies and wooshing wind set the perfect mood for us. Slides, swings and see-saw brought out the child in us.

Radixweb Picnic

Who says growing up means to ditch the swing?

Various teams rolled a big dice to play snakes and ladders, racked their brains in chess and hooted for their groups in team building activities. If you have the right pitch, can cricket be far behind? The sound of ball on the willow of the bat paced up the entire day. Splashing away the mid-noon time at the pool and slow motion videos charmed everyone.

Radixweb Picnic Outdoor

We made abundant memories that would never fade because it was pleasantly arrayed. We carved our zigzag-y footprints with the leisure and long walks on the ground.
The one-day trip was all about endless random jolly conversations and uncountable hilarious moments. Adding more feathers to the cap, the scrumptious food gave everyone a high.

Soothing Melodious Live Music

The best was saved for the last- a beautiful evening was lit up with twinkling lanterns and melodiously rhythmic notes from a famous guitarist in the open arena. Live Music became a stellar event and Radixians melted in the soulfully sung songs. Tapping the feet, cheering the favorites and lauding for the performance- it was like a scene out of a movie.

Picnic Evening Activities

Happiness Is…… RxPicnic!

And as they say ‘You can shake the sand from your shoes but not from your soul’ these moments will stay on with us! Nothing’s better than a picnic says Zodey Deschanel- We’re already waiting for the next one- Team Radixweb HR!

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