Ravishing Ceremonious Celebrations at RxConfab 2017

Ravishing Ceremonious Celebrations At RxConfab 2017

The enthusiasm hang over doesn’t weary out easily! We at Radixweb have been catapulted in a state of constant euphoria by our insanely successful work anniversary event- RxConfab 2017. Completing 17 years of journey in the world of Software Development and attaining a leadership value in IT Outsourcing across the globe, Radixweb due fully partied harder at the coveted event.

Thronged not just by our teams, the event was a delightful experience for our revered clients who graced it. It was a perfect celebration with the yummiest cake in town, DJ on the rocks, and a wonderful audience clapping gleefully as the event proceeded. The Big Day was made Even Bigger with surprise announcements of future plan of expanded facility for the company. Keeping it short and special looking at the mood of the evening, our COO- Dharmesh Acharya thanked each and every Radix employee for being a part of the incredible journey the company has treaded in his keynote speech.

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“I would like to thank each one of you for your contribution to make Radixweb’s power- a super one and for the years to come, let us keep the spirit of Radixweb growing,” said Dharmesh Acharya. No wonder, he received a thunderous response in the house. Moving on further, acknowledging the achievers throughout the years, Radixweb awarded the employees with trophies and certificates of excellence.

Moving away from the screen-zoned lives, we made sure it was a memorable time for all of us jam-packed with cheers and shout-outs. Oozing the best of drama, patriotic skits, numerous group dances and comedy performances- the employees turned entertainers kept the mood feisty and gutsy.

Frame-worthy Glimpses of RxConfab 2017:

Carrying the enigma further for the time to come, we have revitalized ourselves to delve in the world of technology with a fresh bout of energy, ideas and innovation to propel Radix reach newer heights.

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