‘Raise the Curtain’ from RxCricket 2016-17 Vigorously

‘Raise The Curtain’ From RxCricket 2016-17 Vigorously

When it comes to giving a break, Radixweb never fails. Continuing our legacy for the fifth consecutive time, we have hosted RPL – V (2016-17). This year the event was way Bigger. Better & More Powerful. Cricket is a game which is the heartthrob of our Nation. The excitement was hooting and heating in the Radixweb premises.

As the announcement of RPL – V made everybody merged in a bowl to build their team. It was more than kick-start because the Googly (surprise) is yet to come.

“Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you Fail but then there is Sportsmanship” – RxCricket

Let’s Meet The Squad of RxCricket 2016-17

This year the RxCricket was furious because along with the Champion Chap’s there was a Women team as well who participated in it. There were nine teams including 2 Women team as well together it formed 112 players who compete for next 17 matches on ground.

Roar, Passion, Neck to Neck games all it filmed together in RPL-V.

RPL Team Collage Image

Now you might imagine how these big numbers have been managed and played well. Right from the Head to Toe everyone just lashed out the formals and headed on with cool sports dress.

‘Accolades’ – All Played Well Played

As the sunset and the new day starts our RPL season also ended. It was all with glamor and passion by the team played, and then the ceremony of awards flourished.

Cricket Awards Collage Image

Glimpse of the Rejoicing Moment

Some things never end and then stays with us as a Memory. There is always something which left behind but then there are pictures who stays forever. There were many rejoicing moments when someone hits 4/6, Win/loss, drop catches or taking wickets.

Last but not the least we will soon come up with RPL Season, 6 and we promise you our Team HR and Our Players won’t let you down. As Radixians, know how to work they also know how to bowl well! Happy 2017 to all.

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