Radixweb Raises a Toast to Continuous Innovation

Radixweb Celebrated 21st Anniversary

How does one describe a journey that has spanned 21 years of building relationships and helping industry leaders transform their businesses into digital and tech-fuelled powerhouses?

For a software development company in the volatile market space of today, completing 21 years of successful operations is a milestone in itself. We at Radixweb are elated to have blazed ahead of industry standards.

For Radixweb, words like “fabulous’ and ‘exemplary’ are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the 21 years of continuous innovation that form the lore behind our consistent success.

RxConfab 2021, our 21st anniversary, was an evening to remember, and we want to share all the pride, happiness, and a renewed sense of purpose that every year brings to the Radixweb family.

Celebrating RxConfab 2021

As we at Radixweb celebrate our anniversary, the first emotion we feel is a sense of accomplishment. From being a five-times-in-a-row winner of Clutch’s best software development company to being a Microsoft Gold certified partner and on to a repertoire of 4000+ successful projects, we have won many laurels. Yet, we consider a satisfied customer our highest achievement.

This post is a shout out to all those who are part of Radixweb’s lore of consistent innovation, powering the meteoric rise of us starting out as a fledgling company and now metamorphosing into an Industry Leader.

Check out the stellar moments from our Grand RXConfab-2021 Celebrations

The Grand Stage – RxConfab 2021

RxConfab 2021 is a celebration of our shared purpose, righteous pride, and our inherent spirit of curiosity to help create intuitive solutions that are not just on the cutting-edge of what technology can accomplish, but in fact, are user-centric tools that trickle right down to everyday utilities and usage.

To celebrate the occasion, our anniversary was a hybrid gala with a certain contingent of its people present at the office, where the festivities were in full swing, while others joined in on the company-wide video conference to enjoy our high-octane party from the comfort of their homes. At our office everything was set up in accordance with social distancing norms.

RxConfab 2021 Celebration

RxConfab 2021 featured performances, energizing hosts as well as award ceremonies for our Star Radixians. We are proud to state that many of our people have been with us for a considerable span of time, and given the current rate of attrition in the IT sector, we surely must be doing something right. The event featured felicitations of team members, adding to the scope of our organization’s capabilities and quality of output.

The virtual festivities of RxConfab 2021 featured an eclectic mix of tradition and reverence of the statutes of our rich heritage while offering our millennial and Generation Z comrades to let their hair down and cut loose. Delicious food, fun games, and jaw-dropping performances were a zesty addition to the occasion.

Radixweb's 21st Anniversary

The gala kicked off with games like Guilty or Not Guilty, Copy the Emoji, Dance in the Spotlight, workplace trivia quizzes, and many more. Enjoying lip smacking pizza while watching the breath-taking performances our colleagues put on was something all of us (especially me, a certified pizza gobbler) thoroughly enjoyed. By the end of the gala, every Radixian, whether on premise or watching at home, were on their feet, dancing joyously to the captivating melodies of our musical talent. P.S., The only reason you don’t see us with our masks on is because we wanted you to see our pretty poses and prettier faces, just for the shutterbugs.

Leader Bytes

“Over the last 21 years, we have learned just as much as we have achieved,” stated Mr. Dharmesh Acharya, COO at Radixweb. “Being forerunners when it comes to early adoption, the successes we have witnessed have only been possible because of our teams that are motivated by working on solutions to technically complex issues. Their drive to understand not just the project’s requirement and tailor a solution to it but to delve into the very root of the human element of the issue has enabled us to emerge as one of the world’s leading tech companies.”

RxConfab 2021 Party

Every year on the date of our anniversary, we celebrate Radixweb capability of enabling business innovation through unmatched software product development. Over the past two decades, Radixweb always has and will continue to grow, mature, and improve our capabilities and service offerings with an unwavering promise of engineering a better future and taking yet another step towards the pinnacle of 100% customer and business success.

Divyesh Patel and Dharmesh Acharya

Speaking from the front row of the celebration, Mr. Varix Patel, head of Operations at Radixweb, shared, “If the past two decades have taught us anything, it is that things change unexpectedly. Kingdoms can rise and fall in a day, and remaining flexible and adaptive to change is key to an enterprise’s success. This anniversary we celebrate the flexibility and efficiency that is a shared trait when it comes to Radixians. The applause is all for you.”

The Secret Ingredient of Our Success- Dedication

Speaking of Success, with the ever-increasing integration of technology in day-to-day life, Radixweb stands immovable in its resolve to accelerate businesses, innovate faster, and bringing new energy to everything we do. We have and will continue to rededicate our efforts to constant evolution for our people and our partners at pace and scale.

RxConfab 2021 Event

So what comes next for Radixweb? As the pace of business picks up speed, keeping abreast with change is of crucial importance. As proud Radixians, we pursue the common goal of exceeding the norm and mainstream expectations to deliver solutions that reimagine the fabric of what is impossible, shaping the future with every endeavour we undertake.

The secret of our shared success? (We say ‘shared’ because we believe our success is deeply tied in with our client’s success) understanding what the client needs and delivering solutions that cater to both perceived feature/utility requirements as well as the underlying human pain point.

Leaders Of Radixweb

Working closely with clients (old and new), we plan to help our people and partners keep ahead of the competition and thrive amid non-stop disruption with infallible dedication, which is an emotion as well as a state of mind shared by every Radixian across teams and hierarchies. RxConfab 2021 is not just an anniversary. It is the physical manifestation of Radixweb’s ethos of consistent excellence.

Because The Party Never Ends…

We have learned a lot in the last 21 years- collecting pearls of wisdom from lessons learned and milestones achieved. Today every Radixian can tell you a thousand first-hand accounts of innovation and transformation, torchbearers of the Radixweb family. But we’re just getting started.

RxConfab 2021 Dance Performance

Radixweb invites you to join our club that demands, encourages, and promises 100% customer success. Leverage the capabilities of our best-in-class development services and full-stack development teams that work with agile methodologies, guarantee transparency at all stages, and build your project through extensive consultations, bespoke development, and on-point support and maintenance to drive positive business outcomes.

RxConfab 2021 Memories

We are excited for the many new adventures that lie ahead, as well as the stories that will be written—stories that we will write together. We hope you will join us on our journey to the next two decades!

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