Radixweb Successfully Concludes 15th Anniversary Celebrations

Radixweb Successfully Concludes 15th Anniversary Celebrations

Radixweb’s 15th Foundation Day celebrations ended with a great fanfare and tremendous excitement. We are very glad to thank our clientele, team members, and partners for making the milestone anniversary a huge success! We look forward to celebrate many more years as a leading global software development and IT outsourcing company in the industry.

The Radixweb’s booming journey started with inclusive vision of ‘Client Satisfaction’ by delivering futuristic business software. During a decade and half years of establishment, this IT enterprise grown in terms of skills, infrastructure, team strength and global presence.

15 years ago, few industry veterans came together to explore the software development market, became a premier offshore software outsourcing company today. The journey from few to 350+ people has been outstanding. And we are still growing!

“The more you applause and celebrate in your life, the more there is in life to celebrate” and thus all the Radixians enthusiastically gathered together to celebrate the 15th year completion of Radixweb on 21st July’ 15. When it comes to celebrating company foundation day, the team at Radix gears-up and take charge to share their commitment carried out throughout the year. Like every year, Radixians left everyone mesmerized with their splendid participations and made the path breaking success a milestone moment.

To celebrate such glorious journey, organization arranged grand party for all Radixians on the auspicious occasion of “15th Anniversary”.

A Fun Filled Evening – Enjoyment in the Air!

Radixweb Anniversary Evening

Evening celebrations started at the company outing venue with cake cutting, frolic performances, honors to the people having long lasting commitment towards a company, stage breaking DJ and at last delicious dinner for all. These leisurely settings provided excellent opportunities for Radixins to enjoy and network with each other, and of course, dancing to the tune of bollywood lyrics and rhythm, a fusion music created especially for the event.

An Event with All Colors

The event had a traditional startup with lamp lighting ceremony by Radix pioneers and leaders that followed by a beautiful prayer of Lord Ganesha. There were amazing solo and group performances of dances and dramas performed by Radixweb rock stars. Efforts of entire team made the evening so lively and fun making.

Honor for Dedication

Celebration involved award ceremony with trophy and certificate to honor all members who have been committed and played a huge role in the path breaking success of the company. And we feel proud to say that there was a long list of people who spent such a long period of their professional life at Radix. Their experience sharing about Radixweb filled the atmosphere with lots of sentiments. The personal occurrences, they imparted about organization, gave a unique feeling that the company is a family in true sense. It proved that

“Radix is Love, Radix is Family, Radix is Passion”

It’s Dance Time!

Radixians enjoyed dancing with DJ. The entire Radix team was on the stage to dance crazily and rock the party. All from top management to executives participated in dance and enjoyed moments of relaxation. The atmosphere was thrilled as the crowd was on the dance floor and shake the stage. The event ended up with yummy and delicious dinner.

It was a great time for all Radixians to celebrate and cherish successful 15 year journey of Radixweb.

As Radixweb took a leap forward to 16th year, we stay committed to excellence. Look forward for continuing our successful journey from system programming services to leading global IT outsourcing company. We keep refreshing our talents and abilities to stay ahead in the industry!

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