Radixweb Relishes 17 Glorious Years of Glittering Uniqueness

Radixweb Relishes 17 Glorious Years Of Glittering Uniqueness

Who doesn’t like to celebrate ravishing 17 years of being a highly trusted innovator? We cannot let it this opportunity go…(Eye Rolls!!!!) We are well- versed in delivering technology innovation miracles and our journey is filled with various phenomenal breakthroughs in the field of Software Development and IT Outsourcing. A perfect juggler, you can always tune into our audience-wowing act maintaining the balance of innovation, cost and excellence!

This July, our Youthful Zing takes a new avatar! It is the glittering time of the year when we have the Midas touch and everything at Radixweb has turned into Gold! What more can you expect when we take our flamboyance reach its zenith level as we turn 8Teen. This monsoon letting our spirits soar high and soak in the waves of our “Unique” journey. Have a Look!

On the Memory Lane:

Our Sparkling event- RX Confab 2017 is just round the corner. Radixians are preparing with their heart out to sprinkle their twinkle at the show. Our HR team is on the toes and have turned into energetic event managers to plan every minute detail of the show- right from performances to tasty food and trendy place! When Fun, Food and Dance gathers at one place- a memorable evening awaits! As the pomp and splendor continues to rise, Radixians are preparing their perfect moves, readying their Party Wear and learning new selfie poses!

See You Soon with loads of pictures and videos from our Carnival- to have Been There, Done That!

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Sarrah Pitaliya is a senior digital marketing manager at Radixweb to precisely navigate strategy for growth, build marketing capabilities, align the organization around customer experience and mentor teams about new digital, social, mobile channels and customer opportunities. Apart from work, she is a fitness freak and coffee connoisseur.