Radixweb Premier League 2019: Eighth Enigmatic Exhibition of Epic Cricket

Radixweb Premier League 2019: Eighth Enigmatic Exhibition Of Epic Cricket

Chilled Winters and Classy Cricket- a combination that never fails. In its eighth season, Radixweb Premier League (RPL) captured our hearts with spectacular strokes, mind-boggling strategies and nail-biting chases.

Strategy, planning, execution, fine deliveries and chasing goals within timelines- sounds similar to what we do with Technology too – rather ‘Off the Field’. Our power-packed tech athletes took on the month long league matches with equal willowy punch.

Quick Highlights of RPL 2019

With 6 Men Teams 2 Girls Team participated, the tally of the players went up to cross 100. Clocking in 94 Boundaries and 11 Maximum Sixes, it was the run to the finale that kept the euphoria sky-high.


And then the D-Day arrived. On a chilling morning, the top teams warmed to play the most important of the season- The Finale!

Amidst the palpitating pressure of the Finale match, the teams battled out in sweat and blood (errr… :D) ! And Finally the glistening trophy found its owner.

The crowd stood, roared and cheered as the Twelfth man for the teams! There are few loyalties that are as strong as the ones built while supporting your favourite team.

And the Winners Are: (Loud Claps and Drum Rolls Please…)


You certainly don’t play for the crowd, but the crowd plays with you-


Padded Up with W-Power

Whoever said that Cricket is a gentleman’s game has not watched our feisty woman cricketers of Radixweb. Packed woman powered shots on the ground.


Swings…Spins…and Strokes: Worthy Winners of the League

Perfect camaraderie and hand and eye co-ordination. Whether it was flicking the ball with just a wrist or diving in for the catches- a whole new generation of players emerged from the pool.


Setting the Perfect Pitch: Our Off-The-Field Heroes

A perfect crisp weather and bouncy pitch is just as important as our sporty Admin and HR teams who made sure our love for Cricket and Bonhomie surpasses any challenges. Rooting Loud for all them- Hurray… Hip Hip Hurray!

From a Bird-Eye View: Wagon-Wheel of Cricketing Moments

Take a look at the action-packed and spirited Radixweb Premier League Season 8

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