Radixweb Premier League 2018 – Seventh Straight Spectacular Show

Radixweb Premier League 2018 – Seventh Straight Spectacular Show

Cricket is not a sport; it’s a religion in India. Radixweb – far more than a mundane workplace, it has been a believer of ‘Discovering Inner Talent’ – be it in technology or on the field. So like our long-standing tradition, Radixians were ready to kick off seventh edition of Radixweb Premier League with lots of fresh faces to run in between the wickets along with the pros of the pitch. That’s right – 8 Teams competed to hold the RPL Trophy 2018, and this time it was more than just a ‘Cricketing Event’.

RPL 2018 All Team

From Being Right Arm Over To Left Arm Round

Left or Right, Leg or Off, Over or Round, the whole ground became the piano and Radixians were the players tuning ‘Howzat’, ‘Catch it’, ‘Woooo’, and ‘Yeaaah’. Bouncers, Googlies, Clean Bowled, Stumped – became our bowlers’ screams and batsmen hit fours and huge sixes to make the ball rolling in and above the ground.


Rise Like a Phoenix From The Ashes

All the teams gave a die-hard performance to get into the finals and the crowd loved it. New faces and old pros stole the whole show with amazing catches, length balls and spectacular sixes. This RPL was more than batsmen’s cover drives, fielders’ dives and bowlers’ yorkers – it was also Audience’s Paradise.


‘Winning is the mark of the rebel, but back-breaking efforts win hearts’ #RxCricket

Above all, the high spirit of Radixians with fair play and good sportsmanship was maintained with a straight bat and untampered balls, decently (Though the ‘Off-field Swag’ is always a delight to watch 😃).

Some went for a duck, few hit fifties, and all the players made use of every single ball bowled and batted. Eventually, it’s all about team effort that takes a winning team to lift the trophy proudly.

‘Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships’
–Michael Jordan


A Quick Glance

Every enthralling performer got rewarded and motivated as Radixweb appreciates the passion among the employees to express themselves.

Last but not the least, in this euphoria, our dedicated HR and Admin team, played an important off the field role to ensure that Radixians get an action-packed cricket league like never before. Howwzzaa- We’re waiting for more.

Take a hawk-eye view:

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