Radixweb Hosts Yet Another Fun-Packed Company Picnic

Radixweb Hosts Yet Another Fun-Packed Company Picnic

We just had our annual company picnic this weekend and it was an absolute blast! It was at the beautiful Amusement Park and everyone had a fantastic time! A lot of enthusiasm and zeal all came to full execution from 6 o’clock in the morning when we gathered to kick off for the picnic. This time, it’s more than just fun. There were loads of thrilling adventures in a pipeline to enjoy.

After the first bout of excitement with laughs, games and jokes in the bus, we finally reached the spot. “Just Fun” and “Dare to Do” were the mantras of this trip, as the park is just gorgeous, nestled in amongst the trees, thrill rides, and we couldn’t have asked for perfect weather. The food was de-LISH and all of the activities our HR team set up for the day was a smashing success.

Radix folks were gearing up to enjoy the spot surrounded with – Adventure, Thrills, Jungle Theme, Rides, Water Pool and more. It was an amazing time, as all co-workers were out of the professional zone and crazy to enjoy the moments of adventure, amusement and relaxation.

Radixweb Hosts Yet Another Fun-Packed Company Picnic And it was an Absolute Blast! #Radixpicnic #LifeAtRadix #Radixians

Posted by RadixWeb on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The fun packed day was backed by attempting some really thrilling rides and challenging each other for doing that better. For few folks Monster Bike, Swing Chair Rides, Fly Fox, Water Chute Ride, Dashing Car, Rifle Shooting, etc. was catching the attention, while taking selfies, videos and capturing moments was the way of enjoying for some.

The cool breeze and well-settled paths gifted us a pleasant evening fun! Finally, we continued to enjoy the dark cool evening by dancing on rocking music and of course, Garba. It was clear that we were coming to the end of our most awaited event, the winter picnic. Opps… Did I mention the delicious yummy dinner? Yes, that was the final spark of the day.

At the end, Of course the memorable memories of all Radixians who enjoyed together like one great team, succeeding our outing with flying colors. Eagerly waiting for another event!

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