Radixweb Diwali Celebrations 2018- Gaiety, Glitters and Glow

Radixweb Diwali Celebrations 2018- Gaiety, Glitters And Glow

Cracking Up More Fun, Laughter and Happiness: Radixians Slay the Win of Good Over Evil With Carnival-Themed Fiesta

Enriching our day-to-day lives with loads of sprinkle and sparkle- Diwali is a time synonymous to festive aura. Amidst fun, diyas and crackers, Radixweb celebrated the much loved festival with aplomb and splendour.

While more than a festival, Diwali symbolizes the feeling of homecoming and togetherness. Reminiscing the old gold days and prepping up for the next. Treading a known path to happiness, Team HR planned our Diwali Celebrations 2018 with a carnival theme. Who can resist the charm of balloons, impeccably designed photo booths and games?

The glamour of showing off ‘ring-in’ skills and bursting balloons turned our Diwali- simply more Gutsy.

From Sunrise to Sunset: From Light to More Glow

As the festival of divine beings reigns in, you start to feel the happy yet acrid effervescence in the air. Our enthusiastic teams got in action to decorate their floors with ribbons, balloons, paper chandeliers and ravishing rangolis.


Decked up in traditional finery, reminiscing our cultural roots, Radixians displayed a feisty galore at the party venue. Adorning a carnival theme, our celebrations venue was decorated with beautiful kandils, lights and brought out a child-like joy in us. With a scrumptious buffet to gorge on and selfies-worthy backgrounds, the ecstasy levels went sky-high.

Happy Chatters and Mad Hatters

Hitting the Ball Out of the Park: RPL Auctions 2018-’19

Blend unlimited laughter with hoots for your favourite teams- Shout out loudest as you cheer for your favourite colleague. Cricket never disappoints- and so does anything related to Cricket! Our Radixweb Premier League Auctions were conducted at the event with pitch-high enthusiasm.

Spreading Ethnic Aura Far and Wide till the Festival Shines

Proud winners with mesmerizing smiles- Presenting the show and heart stealers of the evening:


The night ended with some desi tadka- Dhol Beats to dance and add thumkas to our galore. The night ended on high shouts of Happyyy Diwali and clicking team pics near everyone’s favourite prop- cycle. And perhaps this is what Diwali is all about- Cracking up more happiness and smiles for everyone around- starting with you!

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