Radixweb Diwali 2019: Sparkles of Joy and Luminescent Oneness

Radixweb Diwali 2019: Sparkles Of Joy And Luminescent Oneness

Glistening Galore of Games… Fun and Food – Radixians Celebrated the Festival of Homecoming with Desi Swag

Diwali is… Glowing Happiness – Diwali is… Sparkling Joy – Diwali is… Sprinkle of Colours! Diwali is all of this yet so much more. And for us- Radixians, it is also about celebrating the classy power of our oneness and strong bonds of our teams.

Carrying forward our yearly tradition, we celebrated the glowing festival of prosperity and lights with lots of glitter, laughter and good vibes at our upcoming plush location. Amidst lush greens, the cool evening breeze and drizzling rain simply rejuvenated our moods. Our vibrant stage was reverberating yellowy glow to a rather hazy sky. Wearing our traditions, culture and Indian-ness on the sleeves, Radixians were splendid when it came to showing some ‘Desi Swag’.

Diwali 2019

Igniting Eternal Team Spirit: One Game at a Time

Wonderfully hosted by a dynamic Host cum Dost- our Diwali Celebrations was about a homely vibe where we all just shun everything and get into full throttle of games and having fun. This year, we added a lot of foam 😉 to the celebrations too. Aaah- the frenzy of gathering more chocolates, having our heads full of foam and then surviving till the end in ‘Snatch-Partner’ games.

Loud and cheerfully hooting audience with enthusiastic claps geared up all the participants. Did we not say that Diwali is a time to ‘Ignite More Lamps of Team Spirit’… one game at a time!

Diwali 2019

Laughing Out Loud

What is Diwali without a session of laughter! We had stand- up artists entertaining us with witty and situational jokes (… most being on engineers!) With catchy boomerangs, Diwali special photo booth and special wishes from our top management, like all good things- our evening transformed into a night where we treated ourselves delicious food, made just right for our dazzling mood.

Diwali 2019

Carrying numerous memories of the day captured in gigabytes of selfies and quick videos, our glowy attitude to bring in the best for our customers in winds of constant change becomes brighter. Like the shine that doesn’t fade, wishing that this festival of lights becomes the beacon of health, happiness and prosperity for you…

And this is what festivals mean to us- Melting ourselves and become one gigantic force of Oneness – to reckon and win over evil!

Diwali 2019

(….as we become busy scanning the calendars for the next RXFest show- Are you listening Team HR? 😃)

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