Holly… Jolly… Christmas Wholly: Radixweb Sleighs With Epitome Cheer

Holly… Jolly… Christmas Wholly: Radixweb Sleighs With Epitome Cheer

Some say Christmas makes everything young and beautiful… while others believe it is a conspiracy of Love. For us at Radixweb, Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling! The feeling of cheer, happiness and red everywhere brings a sense of warmth every December. At Radixweb, celebrating every reason of Joy and Togetherness of our teams is continual.

Sleighing the Innovation Ride for more than 18 years, Radixweb has been at the forefront to bring cheerful growth in software development and IT Outsourcing industry for our global customers, partners and teams.

Just like Christmas candy, our technology expertise slowly melts down our customers’ business challenges while sweetening their success every time. That just makes our partnerships strengthen and last longer.

One Big Secret Ssshh… Santa Hunt (… for the lost Cookies)

Each of our teams started the morning by hunting down the clues, scurrying around the office premises to find our Big Bag of Goodies. And must we say… the win was meltingly yummylicious!


When Poses Win You Goodies

Came out with unique poses and camaraderie – Our teams turned photographers for the day!

Love the giver more than the gift- Oh Yes! We adore our HR and Admin teams a little extra for their amazing ideation and execution of our Christmas Day! And till the next year, we will reminiscence these moments – with a flutter in our minds.

Wishing You All Blessed Time of the Year!😃

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Sarrah Pitaliya is a senior digital marketing manager at Radixweb to precisely navigate strategy for growth, build marketing capabilities, align the organization around customer experience and mentor teams about new digital, social, mobile channels and customer opportunities. Apart from work, she is a fitness freak and coffee connoisseur.