Techie Fresher’s Corner – Radixian Young Guns take center stage

Newbie Radixians speak out

Youth is an elusive concept and encompasses the best of who we are as people in our personal and professional lives. As a company that values the power of the young blood, Radixweb introduces Techie Fresher’s Corner, a space where the young guns of Radixweb are nurtured to grow into tech leaders of tomorrow.

To brighten up the mood of our Techie Fresher’s corner, we asked our ‘Radixian facchas’ fun questions like ‘Which is the movie name or movie dialogue that they relate to their life at Radixweb.’ Chaos of the best kind ensued with petite damsels donning the great Amitabh Bachchan’s baritone and bright-eyed kids telling us not to be a minimum guy a la Manoj Vajpayee. To sum up what our Techie freshers feel; “Thappar se darr nahi lagta sahib, bug se lagta hai!”

Capable of bringing a smile to even the hardest nut, our freshers bowled us over with their Shayaraana andaaz- “Mai akeli hi chali safar par, log milte gaye aur karvaan banta gaya!”

Radixweb has made it a point that no matter how unstable the global financial ecosystem might be, thanks to COVID, every employee will be compensated in full for their efforts across all levels of the hierarchy. With the characteristic fun and frolic that rules supreme in every youngster’s heart, our freshers have made Radixweb’s Techie Fresher’s Corner a resounding success. We then went on to ask them if we made them Manager of all trainees for a day, what changes would they include? Answers like – a 4-day work week, naptime after lunch, and a MacBook Pro to everyone (I wish…) flitted by leaving, sighing at the fanciful imagination of our beloved Radixian facchas.

When asked what special talent they were bringing to the table at Radixweb, our young Radixians piped up with answers like glamour quotient, the ability to cook and sing (mostly at the same time), and lots more. Desirous of knowing more of what a Techie Fresher expects at their workplace, we then went on to ask them about their expectations before joining Radixweb. Trust us; the answers were as fun as seriously implementable. Their answers ranged from paid vacations to glass walled-corner cabins and even a dedicated movie theatre at office. Our facchas will be delighted to know that some of their suggestions are actually under consideration by our management. Finger’s crossed, they might just get what they wish for!

So there you have it, blurbs from the young guns, the frontline of Radixweb. If you happen to be looking for a scintillating and deeply rewarding career in technology, then Radixweb beckons.

A trusted name in the global IT ecosystem and 5-time Clutch “best software development company’ title winner, Radixweb is a Microsoft Gold Partner equipped with every resource, whether infrastructural, people, or actual tech prowess. A leading custom software development company, Radixweb stands proudly alongside a global clientele spread across 25 countries and 3 continents. With 4200+ successful projects under our belt, Radixweb has delivered superlative tech assets to multiple industries ranging from healthcare, fintech, retail and eCommerce, travel and hospitality, and manufacturing.

Radixweb is an expert team of 480+ domain experts ranging from business consultants to full-stack developers and project managers who strive and succeed every time in bringing your tech ideas into fruition as we at Radixweb stand resolute in our promise of consistent excellence and continuous innovation. In case you are still hunting for the job of your dreams, your hunt ends with us, click here.

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