Radix Welcoming 2016 with Thrilling Cricket Tournament – RPL Season 4

Radix Welcoming 2016 With Thrilling Cricket Tournament – RPL Season 4

A company where employees get freedom to express and execute their talents is obviously much more than a workplace. Radix is an organization that believes in motivating hidden talents of its employees. It can be either technology or sport or any.

For Radixians, “Radix is a Family”. Here, everyday we find the reason of celebration no matter it is Diwali or Christmas. And, I can say we didn’t miss out this opportunity by welcoming 2016 with a great level of motivation and appreciation. Radix recently hosted its 4th annual cricket tournament – RPL (Radix Premier Lague). This Holiday season, Radix STOOD OUT by appreciating shining stars.

The Performers – Getting Recognized for Outstanding Efforts


The RPL brings an extra level of excitement at Radix each year. In past years, many Radixians have joined in shaping and steering the RPL.

Radixians had a great time of enthusiasm and excitement at the end of 2015 with sporty spirit. 55 Players, 5 Teams, 13 Matches, and 1 Winner Team. Neck to neck competition, smart strategies, hard work, passion for game made all cricket matches full of thrill.

The Ecstatic RPL 2015-16 Teams


Radix warmly welcomed 2016 with full to fun and excitement. Same cricket fever was in air at the beginning of the year among crazy cricket lovers of Radix as Final Match was still there. The cricket season ended up at Radix by encouraging passionate players with the honor of Trophies and Gifts.

Kudos to our HR Team! They had done a fantastic job in 2015 with yet another different events and celebrations! Look forward to more in 2016!!!

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