Opt the Best Approach for Your HRMS – Off-the-Shelf or Bespoke Software

Opt The Best Approach For Your HRMS – Off-The-Shelf Or Bespoke Software

Roles and responsibilities of HR department in small to large scale organizations become more and more complex. It has to perform several resource management operations that involve entire process of employee recruitment and management. In this tech-savvy era, to go for manual management of HR and Recruitment processes is neither smartness nor suggested while IT market is booming with an exclusive range of HRMS.

To simplify their business processes, HR and Recruitment department or agencies are looking for an efficient, reliable and affordable Human Resource Management Software (HRMS). There are two popular approaches to go for an HR and recruitment software:

  • Off-the-Shelf HRM Software
  • Bespoke HRM Software

Before selecting any one of the above approaches, get detailed information about each of them:

Off-the-Shelf HRM Software

This approach allows you for quick startup by implementing ready-to-use HR and Recruitment software. However, such software cannot meet highly specific business needs. So if any HR department of a firm or HR & Recruitment agency has very generic process then it is suggested to go for off-the-shelf HRMS development. Generally, it is developed using cloud platform and SaaS delivery model.

Bespoke HRM Software

While HR Departments or HR & Recruitment agencies have exclusively specific and personalize process to manage HR operations, they must go for a custom software development. Bespoke HRM software contains abilities to address all your business challenges and satisfy needs. A hi-tech HRM software aids HR and Recruitment agencies in streamlining their HR functions and managing them from a single platform successfully and efficiently.

Difference between Off-the-shelf and Bespoke HRM Software:

Parameters Off-the-Shelf HRM Software Bespoke HRM Software
implementation-cost Implementation Cost Ready-to-use available software’s implementation cost will seem to be cost effective as you’ll be paying user license cost on monthly/yearly subscription plus hiring configuration expert for implementation cost. You’ll be paying recurring cost per user every time until you continue using it.The cost of bespoke development will seem to be high at first instant as you’ll be paying onetime cost and use it for lifetime. It’s best suitable when you have very high number of users as on the long run it remains cost effective.
flexibility Flexibility Less flexibility as you’ll have to adjust your processes with the standardized product. High-end flexibility as the HRM software will be developed as per your personalized requirements.
ease-of-use Ease of Use The same application will be developed considering in mind need of a larger size of audience hence there may be lot of functionalities which you may not ever use it look like very complex. Although, there are easy to use system available. You’re developing your own application as per your tailored process, hence unwanted functionalities you’re not going to develop and you can easily make the system user-friendly. However, your system design & development team plays an important role to make it user-friendly.
implementation-time-line Implementation Timeline The time span to implement such system is relatively smaller as it would be almost ready system, you’ll just need to have an expert consultant who can help you setting up your system with desired workflow and receipt formats. Definitely implementation timeline is higher compared to ready-made system as you’ll have to spend lot of time explaining your need to development team and waiting till the entire system development lifecycle completes.
learning-curve Learning Curve Learning curve is comparatively large as the user has to adopt an HRM software that is already in the market and understand the existing functions of the software. In bespoke software learning curve is less as it is developed as per the business needs. User does not need to adapt to the readily available system features.
updates Updates Off-the-shelf HRM software update is easy as it’s readily available in the market. Again, it depends on new version releases by the vendor. With bespoke software, you’ll not be having upgrades on the fly and you’ll have to go through additional modules development based on your future needs.
training Training Basic training available as it is very generic software and easily manageable with less knowledge. However when needed specialized training, you’ll have to be dependent on vendor and spend extra $$. The bespoke system will be built based on your specifications hence you’ll not be dependent on vendor on understanding how the system functions as you’ll have all the required system knowledge.
risks Risks
  • Software might be complex
  • Standardized functionality
  • Long learning curve
  • Required adjustments in existing workflow
  • It may not contain your business specific operations
  • Fewer chances of modification
  • High level of competition
  • Might not fit to your budget and requirements
  • Lack of control to personalize the system as per specific needs
  • Large investment in time
  • Cost can be vary as per development needs
  • Have to be very precise in business requirements
  • Selection of a reputed IT partner for reliable development
  • Authentic development & on-going support from IT partner
  • Ownership of software source code is must to prevent your business from getting exposed
  • Stability of software depends on developer competency
compititive-positioning Competitive Positioning You sail in the same boat as your competitors would be using the same with similar productivity.You can get competitive advantage by automating your unique processes and improving productivity of your organization which your competitors may be doing manually and taking a lot of time.

All above different aspects provide detailed information to help you in making accurate decision which is the best suitable approach for your business. For off-the-shelf HRM software, you can have quick implementation and immediate business startup with it however it might not be easily customizable or easy-to-use and affordable.

While in bespoke HRM software development, you can have more invest of time and money but you have a product that satisfies your business goals. Another major risk is selection of a genuine and highly skilled IT partner to have a customized and scalable software to meet your on-going changing needs.

Radixweb and It’s Excellence for HRMS

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