nopCommerce 3.70 – Stuffed with Enhancements and Improvements

NopCommerce 3.70 – Stuffed With Enhancements And Improvements

In our recent article nopCommerce 3.70 – Sure Shot Way to Expand your eCommerce Business we talked about the notable user-facing features of nopCommerce 3.70. Continuing to highlight best of nopcommerce latest version 3.70, here we have brought together the featured additions and key improvements.

New Additions in nopCommerce 3.70

Running Multiple Instances of nopCommerce

There are chances of simultaneous visits to your website, resulting in your web server getting heavily loaded. In such a scenario the visitors may experience a delay in page load or even the page may not load at all. To avoid this, you need several website instances running and handling client requests at the same time.

Now it is possible to have several instances of nopCommerce running, serving requests while sharing the same database. This means a single nopCommerce store can run on many web servers at the same time making use of the power of several machines.

“New” Tag for Products in nopCommerce 3.70

The latest version eliminates the “Recently Added” products, which used to automatically show the last added products and introduces tag, “New” products, which can be handpicked by the store owner. This can be done by selecting “Mark as new” setting in the administration of the products. Thus the store owner gets complete control over the list of new products. Additionally, there is the option of start and end date for the products to be displayed in New list.

Enhanced Discount Support

The new version of nopCommerce shows customers more user-friendly messages when they are not able to apply a coupon code which is invalid. It is a major boost for flash sales where coupon code is valid only for a specific period of time. Messages displayed make more sense.


Better CMS and SEO Support

New features further augment its powerful CMS and SEO functionality. Now store owners can decide which customers will have access to which topics. This becomes useful if you want to show some information only to specific customers.

Better Customer and Order Management

nopCommerce 3.70 includes several important new features in its customer and order management system such as, Store owners can now manage customer’s newsletter subscriptions from the administration section, search orders by making use of customer’s billing email address and last name, which was not the case earlier.

Top Seven Improvements in nopCommerce 3.70

  1. Discontinued products notification: Customers now will receive a “discontinued” message when visiting pages of products which are no longer available.
  2. No need to load specification attributes when creating a new product.
  3. Product detail page (admin area) was slow when there were thousands of specification attributes, but now it is cached.
  4. Load all product reviews at once in admin area when using “approve/disapprove/delete selected”.
  5. Performance optimization: Cache filterable specification attributes on category pages.
  6. Performance optimization: Discount requirements can be cached, no need to load them for each HTTP request for each discount
  7. List of available return request actions and reasons is cached.

We hope this series of articles on nopcommerce has given you plenty of insight of what’s new in nopCommerce 3.70 and why should you consider it. Remember your eCommerce website plays an important role in how your prospects and customers recognize your brand online. Hire Nopcommerce Developers from Radixweb to develop your e-commerce store that is robust, flexible, feature-rich and web optimized to create a remarkable impact online.

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