nopCommerce 3.70 – Sure Shot Way to Expand your eCommerce Business

NopCommerce 3.70 – Sure Shot Way To Expand Your ECommerce Business

nopCommerce 3.7 has been around for some time now. It continues to be the first choice for the eCommerce solution and has been launched with new features. As a nopCommerce partner, Radixweb stays current with the product roadmap. We’ve brought together some notable user-facing features in version 3.70. In the unlikely case of you not knowing what the new features are, read on.

nopCommerce 3.7 – Highlight Features


Full Support for Web Farms and Microsoft Azure:

Enjoy full support for web farm – a group of two or more servers used to host the same website in nopCommerce 3.7. Web farms increase the capacity of a website and improve availability and are used for high-traffic and mission critical websites. nopCommerce 3.70 also embraces cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure and provides greater support for storing images and multi- website configurations to increase scalability for large eCommerce store owners.

Access Control List for Topics:

One of the highlight features of nopCommerce 3.70 is support for access control list (ACL) in topic pages. Many nopCommerce users have been requesting this feature and finally it has been added to the official release. Now store owners can not only allow or restrict access to a particular topic on the page but also customize to speak to a certain group of users. E.g. you have special offers/deals for your premium users, this feature allows you to speak to only that relevant user group.

Allow users to Apply for Vendor Account in Public Store:

The latest version allows the users to apply for vendor account in the public store without having the store owner to create an account for vendors manually. This helps in reducing the workload of store admin and makes the whole process quicker and hassle free. However, store owner still needs to approve the vendor account, once the request is received.

Significant Performance and Security Enhancements:

The latest version of nopCommerce has many changes in terms of caching discounts. More attack preventions specific to cross-site request forgery attack have been introduced. HTTPS support has been improved to enable hosting distinct hosting companies. Security has been improved to handle some new website scripting vulnerabilities.

Feature for Announcing Discounts:

It allows a store owner to apply discounts to a category which also includes subcategories as it has a new option of “Apply to Subcategories” so that the store owner does not have to go to hundreds of categories and apply the discount to each individually.

Better Management of New Products & Returning Products:

nopcommerce 3.7 allows you to manage how long your new products display on the new product page. There is an option for the store owner to mark products as “New”, which facilitates the listing of products on “New” products page. The request for returning products and resulting actions are now localizable.

Features for Store Owners:

It allows store owner to specify, Minimum Age, in case the Date of Birth field is enabled now. It also provides logo support for vendors. Store owner can specify default language per store, manage newsletter subscription on customer details page.

Want to Learn More?

Radixweb is a proud partner with the nopCommerce to develop and deliver custom e-commerce solutions with cutting-edge technology. You can now hire Nopcommerce developers to answer your questions and to help you start forseeing your new online store. Get in touch with us today.

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