NopCommerce for Your Ecommerce Store: Notch Up Your Success Level

NopCommerce For Your Ecommerce Store: Notch Up Your Success Level

Back in the days, when our screens and lives were in black and white- our business models were brick and mortar; reaching the next city or state with your product would take months if not years. And even if you succeeded in reaching the new audience, you would need below parameters to breach the market and succeed:

  • Price orientation
  • Prime location
  • Reliable human capital
  • Raging customer demand
  • Effective after sales service
  • Killer marketing strategy

But with the rise of ecommerce, one can reach global audiences in mere days without any on ground presence and with the least possible capital investment. Isn’t it amazing? That is the sole reason ecommerce sales of 2018 were $2.86 Trillion and the estimated figure of 2019 is $4 Trillion! And if all of the above stats were not intimidating enough, there is a prediction that till the year 2040, 95% of the total product purchases will be made online.

So, the question that remains now is where do you need to setup your ecommerce store? And no matter how old the brick and mortar times were, their parameters of success are still relevant today. You need to make sure that the ecommerce platform of your choice fulfils all the above mentioned parameters. One of the most preferred platforms, as a crux of our ecommerce experience is – NopCommerce.

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The reason to that is not only because NopCommerce is an open source. It is also because of its evolving ecommerce features and their scalable ecommerce store development capabilities. Being a preferred NopCommerce CMS development company, we will help you understand why it is the best possible choice for your business:

1. Open Source Platform (Don’t worry because its FREE)

Although NopCommerce is an open source and is available for free, they defy all the false notions or stereotypes associated with the word FREE in today’s trade market. For instance, NopCommerce is one of the most secure ecommerce platforms based on the ASP.NET suite with highly scalable ecommerce development capabilities.

Not only are they evolving the platform with the evolving market demands, they also have a dedicated support team that handles all your queries. And the best part is that they have the ecommerce designs and development options that are suitable for all the domains. It is one platform that serves all.

2. Scale of Customization (Your Wish is the Command)

Did you know that NopCommerce is the one of those open source platforms that provides multi-vendor and multi store facilities? Multi store is a blessing if you want to take advantage of the niche market or wish to inculcate the benefits of price differentiation strategy for different geographical markets.

If you wish to create a multi-vendor platform, the administration of vendors will be an easy task if you opt for nopCommerce development! With nopCommerce, it is easy to manage all your vendors from single administration panel. Administrator can add ‘n’ number of vendors into the platform and can also associate a product with vendor. It also provides drop shipping feature where the associated vendor is notified about an order by the system and they can dispatch the order directly eliminating the human errors of order notification and miscommunication.

Apart from that, there are other user-centric features like index based front end, website design options, mobile responsive response, shopping cart options and many more. Now you know why both small businesses as well as enterprises choose NopCommerce store development as their ecommerce platform.

3. Customer Centric Features (Customer is the King)

It has an amazing feature list that is dedicated for a rich customer experience and to aid the administrators in gaining high conversion rates.

Apart from clear user navigation and stellar user interface, there are two major NopCommerce developments that are directed towards enhanced customer satisfaction and to boost the conversion rates.

Streamlined payment gateway:
With the number of entrants increasing tremendously, it is essential that you provide all the possible payment options to your customers. When you opt for nopCommerce development for your ecommerce store development, they provide you with 50 Payment Gateway selection options. You can choose between pay in store, money orders, cash on delivery, Amazon, PayPal or some other alternative payment options.

Checkout optimization:
It is observed that the highest bounce rate of customers happens during the checkout process. Keeping that possibility in mind, nopCommerce platform provides the end users with amazing checkout options like:

  • Guest checkout: No need to create an account on the site, users can order as guest
  • One-page checkout: Number of steps reduced to reach the final order page
  • Gift wrap, personalized messages, a small discount for spending a certain amount, shipping rebates
  • Multi-language support
  • Shipping cost depending on the zip code

4. Digital Marketing Potential (Your Elite Marketing Guru)

No matter how awesome your deals are and how amazing your ecommerce development is, what the use of all of that is if your target audience does not know of your existence. If you have not optimized your ecommerce platform for the search engine, then you will never tap the true potential of your platform.

Here are the SEO features you can get in NopCommerce:

  • Customized URL options
  • Social Meta Tags
  • Product Tags
  • H1 to H6 Tags

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