E-commerce Development – An Essential Platform to Gain Business Through Web

Guide to Ecommerce Development

Microsoft has turned up with so many innovative tools and technologies for creating eCommerce websites. There are many factors to consider while choosing the best platform for the development of your eCommerce website. In this article, we have composed a few of such technologies and trends.

What is an ecommerce technology?

eCommerce or electronic commerce is a method of buying and selling products and services digitally, using the internet. It uses the technology to deliver the services such as electronic fund transfer, mobile commerce, internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange, inventory management systems, automated data collection, etc. The World Wide Web is employed by eCommerce to perform transactions; however, it draws on technologies such as e-mail, social media, telephones, etc.

Ecommerce Technology Global Market

Why Use an Ecommerce Technology?

Ecommerce technology does play an essential role in attaining specific objectives and providing stability to the business. It majorly influences the overall performance and profit of an enterprise. These technologies are required to build an e-commerce website and manage all the internal operations. Microsoft eCommerce technology is one of the ideal solutions for the retail and eCommerce requirements. Other such platforms are Magento, Shopify, etc.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Ecommerce Technology

Consider the following factors while you choose your ecommerce technology:

1. Target audience

The marketing features and components of a web hosting platform enable businesses to run effective social media campaigns. The following then leads the businesses to gain a considerable number of followers and attract the target audience. The built-in integrations help the users to pop up in their news feeds.

2. Budget

The pre-determined budget makes the businesses reduce overall costs. It doesn’t matter whether you pay more or less; outcomes should be worth the money. There is a web host’s ample number of services: licensing, web design, programming, functionality, security, maintenance, app development, etc.

So, if you choose a web hosting platform, make sure you pay for all of these services in a single space. Or you can also customize your package and add whatever features you need to add.

3. Assessment of the number of products

Stock keeping unit (SKU) plays a vital role in keeping up the track record of all the products your store owns. In case your company offers a wide selection of products and services, then choosing a web hosting platform with high SKU limits would be a beneficial deal for your business.

4. A growing web hosting platform

A web hosting platform that not provides insight to the businesses to foster but also grows is essential. A host with high traffic capabilities is what you need to elevate your business towards new heights.

While festive season or availing discounts, a website faces vast traffic, and that’s when you know if the hosting platform is flexible enough to deal with it. Cloud hosting is an ideal choice for managing the traffic with its capabilities.

Key Attributes of eCommerce Software Development

eCommerce software solutions are the popular medium to earn bucks using the online platform. Expand customer reach and increase productivity with significant revenue acquisition. Today, enterprises have changed their way of doing business, and eCommerce plays a crucial role. Most of the trading and money transactions take place on the web. Get advantages of global market reach and new opportunities using eCommerce business technology trends.

eCommerce web portals permit to sale and buy of products and services through secured online money transfer. Achieve new milestones with eCommerce solutions by simplifying online shopping for storefront visitors. eCommerce can be developed using both the DotNet as well as Open Source based technologies.

Tailored Development

Customized eCommerce development aids in establishing a unique business identity across the end-users and competitors. Seamlessly working website gives a memorable shopping experience to the viewers. Be different in the industry by developing robust bespoke eCommerce solutions for businesses and setting Unique Selling Points.

Shopping Cart Development

Shopping Cart

Another critical aspect of eCommerce Website Development is shopping cart evolution and integration. The shopping cart integration carries out payment gateway integration, online storage opportunities, inventory control, and much more. Make online transactions more effective and secure by integrating an advanced shopping cart.

SEO Friendly Development

It is highly suggested to build up an eCommerce solution with customized meta tags, table fewer layouts, unique google sitemap, web page indexing, etc. All these aspects enable clients to attain complete success.

CMS Integration

The advanced Content Management System (CMS) integration allows owners to manage web page content as per their changing needs. Add, edit and delete the content with simple navigation patterns. Boost marketing and promotion strategies of your products and services using the best eCommerce technology.

Attractive visuals

Visuals are the first element that attracts a customer. It is the only element that pulls the customers on the website through its aesthetics. However, quality always stands secondary, and through setting up an eCommerce website, visuals are ever taken care of. The more alluring the product images are, the more the customers visit you.

Easy and user-friendly navigation

When scrolling through a website, easy navigation plays an important role. It decides whether the customer will stay for long or leave. Supposedly, if customers are looking for a tab/menu/navigation and couldn’t find it, they get annoyed and leave the website. eCommerce web design makes sure that the navigation points are easy and straightforward for the customers to access.

Direct connection with customers

Websites including all the contact details make customers connect with them directly. Be it any query, and customers must find the direct link to communicate with the company with an extensive array of options formed on the website. From the phone numbers to email addresses and live chat feature, all of these customers are more likely to return to the website.

Add filters and other options to choose from

Adding options like a filter that sorts out your choices and displays only the products that fit your needs is the best one. It makes customers save their time as well as ease up their Browsing.

Product details and policies

A detailed product description is essential for a customer to trust your brand. Make sure you create a space for that, too, and write down a well-defined description for every product listed.

Return policies and terms & conditions

Along with designing an eCommerce website and including all the significant tabs and menus, make sure you also create a sitemap and compose down all the terms & conditions of a brand. Like that, also ensure to design it to include a space for return policy and requirements.

Increased sales through showcasing discounts and offers

Discounts and offers are the ideal way to draw a customer’s attention towards your products. It is evident that incredible deals and offers always attract customers and make them browse often.

Feedback and suggestion subdivision

This expanse is essential for comprehending the evolving customer demand or changes they need in your product. It helps you improvise your products as well as services as per the customers.

Simple and straightforward content/description

For once, if we talk about ourselves, we would always want the website content to be precisely explicit. Hence, make sure that the content you write must be user-friendly and magnifying. Remember to use simple words and a fundamental tone when you write about the products.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

eCommerce software solutions must be compatible with all browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome, IE, Opera, etc. The smooth user experience at different browsers helps in search engine rank optimization.

Browser Compatibility

Enhanced security features

eCommerce websites including layered security that protects user’s data from jeopardizes. All the social media accounts and websites are linked with the payment mode of an app or website; make sure the websites are fused with modern security features.

Responsive Development

Responsive Website Development

To cover smartphone users, responsive development of eCommerce solutions is necessary. It makes your website compatible to run on various devices like desktops, tablets, and smartphones having diverse sizes and resolutions. Reach to the broad customer base and increase online business by developing a responsive website at highly affordable rates.

Best Technologies for E-Commerce Web Development Microsoft


nopCommerce Development

An Asp.Net MVC based open source technology introduced by Microsoft; offers an ecommerce Solution using nopCommerce with a customized, SEO-friendly, and user-friendly storefront to deliver a rich user experience to site visitors.


DNN Development

DotNetNuke is a popular technology that contains all aspects of a content management system and eCommerce development. It allows for bespoke shopping cart development and integration, workflow automation, social media configuration, etc.


Kentico Development

Again have two benefits to one technology. Kentico offers easy-to-use eCommerce web design with CMS and eCommerce features and functions. It helps build the website, community software, web portals, document control solutions, custom applications, etc.


Sitefinity Development

A powerful Microsoft technology to build eCommerce software solutions with effective CMS. Sitefinity aids in boosting online presence by allowing improving social media activities. Have a dynamic website with custom extensions to simplify your business.

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