E-commerce Solution Development using nopCommerce

E-Commerce Solution Development Using NopCommerce

Radix expertise falls for customized solution development for diversified industry domains using versatile technologies. Recently, we have developed an eCommerce solution for eLearning institutions utilizing nopCommerce, an open source eCommerce technology. It contains user friendly frontend for clients and simplified backend for admin user.

The solution contains fully customized shopping cart to set up an online store quickly and easily. Using shopping cart, any organization can start to sell physical and digital goods at internet platform. Apart of eLearning institutes, we can develop the same solution for other industry domains as per their specific business needs.

Using nopCommerce architecture, we have developed a highly dynamic application that allows for creating and managing the website quite easily.

Project Requirements

When client approached at Radix, he wanted to develop an eCommerce solution that helps his eLearning organization to sell their courses from internet. He desired to provide extreme flexibility to his learners by allowing them for online shopping. They can purchase catalogs and be a part of online training of their preferred courses. Let’s have a look into the brief of client’s business as well as technical requirement.

Business Requirements:

  • Development of a robust eCommerce application to manage all the commercial activities of organization with catchy look and feel
  • The new eCommerce solution and existing system Learning Management System (LMS) can work together that allow existing and new users to access any course, module, and eLibrary from the single platform only
  • Build up a solution that accepts promotional discount codes into shopping cart
  • Setup supporting search and filtering capabilities for courses, modules, topics, etc.
  • Improved user/member online purchasing experience with an advanced eCommerce application building

After analyzing client’s requirements, we have identified application development scopes. Radix developers bifurcated technical requisites for solution development from client’s mentioned business requisites.

Technical Requirements:

  • To develop a solution using nopCommerce and integrate it with existing Learning Management System (LMS) of eLearning organizations
  • To provide single sign on functionality for AMS third party user management system and nopCommerce solution
  • Integration of a third party LMS for catalogue courses & users data synchronization
  • To set up discount prices for the members of organization
  • Quick, reliable and secure online payment procedure

Solution Development by Radix

Being a certified partner of nopCommerce, our experts are trained under its training programs. We utilize all latest trends and technologies of nopCommerce to deliver an enhanced solution that meets client’s expectations. Under the project development, our nopCommerce experts carry out designing, development, implementation, testing and installation of solution.

After the brief analysis of project requirements, we have focused on solution development. We have built cutting-edge features and functionalities to smoothen and sharpen application performance. The solution development includes:

  • Custom eCommerce application development having integration of LMS for data synchronization
  • eCommerce system work-flow designing for integration of different modules with third party software
  • Detailed study of LMS and AMS third party software and identified their utilization in system
  • Development of nopCommerce architecture having integration of third party software
  • Development of fully customized and secure shopping cart to buy individual courses, course packages and library from front store of eLearning organization
  • Highly secured and tested solution with quick eLearning catalogs browsing
  • Quick synchronization between frontend and backend at the minimum solution run time
  • Discounted price offering to the registered members of organization

3rd Party Software Integration

Apart of above described developments, we have integrated two major third party applications to develop a boosted solution using nopCommerce.

AMS is a user management third party software. It is integrated with eCommerce solution developed by Radix nopCommerce developers.

  • Single-Sign-On: It is an authentication function to improve security of solution and avoid hacking risks. It allows user to access the multiple applications by using one user name and password.
  • Direct Registration for AMS Users: Members of the eLearning organization are already registered with the system. New users are directly registered once he/she login into the solution.

Learning Management System (LMS) contains eLearning catalogue courses. It is synchronized with nopCommerce architecture and AMS to perform online purchasing and sync user data respectively.


To develop a solution centric and enriched solution, we have developed some advanced features to deliver seamless experience to frontend user and admin users.

Front Store User

  • List of categories & sub categories with brief product details
  • User login, Profile Management and User Registration
  • Social Networking and Email to Friend
  • Shopping Cart and Mini Shopping Cart with Add to Cart support
  • Blogs, Forums, News Support and News Letters Subscription
  • Shipping options – by ground, by air and in-Store pickup
  • Payment through PayPal Standard and Direct Support
  • Multilingual and multicurrency support with search and advanced search

Admin User
Our development allows admin users to manage various business activities from the backend. It includes management of dashboard, catalogs, sales, customer, promotional and content. Moreover, we insert various configurations of the solution too. Our configurations facilitate with system settings, countries, languages, currencies, and Email accounts, Tax, Shipping and Payment Gateways.

Solution Benefits

  • Seamless browsing experience to site visitors for quick browse of various catalogs of different categories
  • Coherent synchronization nopCommerce solution with LMS & AMS third party software to manage users, their orders and payment details
  • Highly secure payment with fully customized shopping cart
  • Authentic login of solution using Single-Sign-On to avoid various illegal activities

Radix developers provide complete training of admin panel including all the advanced configurations through client demonstration. In addition you will enjoy the advantage of 1 month free support for technical issues.

To know more about our nopCommerce competencies visit us at http://www.dot-net-developer.net/hire-nopcommerce-developers.html.

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