Nipam’s Journey from Fresher to Sr. Technical Lead at Radixweb

Nipam Chokshi On His Journey At Radixweb

Let’s be honest! Sci-fi movies/series always urged a thought in us – when technology wasn’t a thing – can this become a reality? Is it possible to experience such an amazing hypothetical scenario?

Well, this feeling of inquisitiveness took Nipam’s thought to discover his passion. Today we are going to share the story of Nipam Chokshi, who is currently the senior technical lead. Nipam recently celebrated his 9th year at Radixweb.

During his initial days, when he was fresher, Nipam was big introvert. He used to speak less, but days passed, Nipam made new friends. Gradually with his innovating and logical thinking he was promoted to technical lead.

In this post find out how the internet and fiction series led his path to the technology domain and how he spends his day at Radixweb. Let’s hear it from Nipam himself.

What made you first get interested in technology?

I was born and brought up in a world before the internet was a thing. We read books and magazines for knowledge, and on special occasions, we made expensive long-distance phone calls to family and friends by visiting nearby phonebooth.

We watched science-fiction series that highlighted what was possible with technology – videophones, personal computers, and flying cars are all possibilities. I wanted to be part of these awesome technologies! Since then, my interest in understanding how devices work increased.

What do you do at Radixweb?

Nipam Chokshi On His Work Life At Radixweb

I take total responsibility for the software project and analyze it thoroughly and correct any mistakes discovered during the process. I follow all projects and corporate requirements and standards, and make sure that all team members are on the same page.

Apart from this, I ensure that whatever project I take is successfully completed on time with desired results. Life at Radix is the best quality time I spend with my peers –learning, discussing new tech, and sharing food in our beautiful cafeteria.

How did the interview process go for you?

I came for the walk-in, and we were around 126 people to attend the walk-in. There were a total of three rounds of selection – first was the regular aptitude test (I enjoyed the questions asked in that); after clearing that round, I got selected for GD, where the topic was “Environment Preservation – Government’s Duty or Not? “. Then I finally got into the PI round.

I still remember the day I went to buy some groceries when I got a call from Radixweb’s recruiter saying, “Congratulations, Nipam, we are glad to say that you’re being selected.” I immediately, in joy, called my parents and let them know. It was such a cherishable moment to see them share my excitement.

Tell us about your typical workday when you had just joined vs. now

When I joined Radixweb, I just focused on my work and nothing else when I was new to the corporate world. I didn’t even interact much with my team members.

However, as time progressed, I started to have a good relationship with others and help them solve their errors and bugs. Slowly and gradually, we first became friends and now a family.

If we talk about now, I usually start my day solving or guiding my team and solving bugs, and in the second half, I work on new developments assigned to me.

Can you share the most memorable moment?

Nipam Chokshi Sharing Few Memorable Moments

I don’t have only one moment to share. There are several moments such as taking part in functions; going to picnic trips, spending a whole night with the team to solve the bug, and last but not the least getting an appreciation award from leaders on annual function after completing milestone of nine years at Radixweb.

What was the greatest challenge you faced in your career with Radixweb? How did you overcome it?

At Radixweb, every day is a new challenge, and our team loves to overcome it. Because we know every hurdle has some insightful lesson or experience as a reward. So yes, if I recall one instance, I was asked to brush up on my data migration skills.

However, in the first two phases of migration, I faced many bugs due to less analysis and testing techniques. After that, I started enhancing my analysis power by intense research to think out of the box to overcome those same issues.

What advice would you give your past self?

During my early days, I wasted time solving a simple issue that could be easily resolved by asking my seniors. People at Radixweb are super cool and helps you with every small thing.

So, I would advise my past self and fresher joining Radixweb don’t wait and invest your time in something that can quickly be addressed by your senior or peers.

Would you recommend freshers to join Radixweb?

Obviously yes! I joined Radixweb as a fresher and now I am leading a team of 10. Freshers and young minds get many opportunities to explore their core skills and implement them. Not only this, the perfect work-life balance makes the work culture even more vibrant and happening.

We understand the curiosity and enthusiasm that today’s youth have – thus accordingly our leaders also consider innovative ideas and concept that is shared by freshers. They will be guided in each step/process by experienced leaders to excel in their professional life.

For any individual looking for a growing career, check out the openings Radixweb has and apply for the role.

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