Internet of Things – A Revolutionary Trend for Embedded Development

Internet Of Things – A Revolutionary Trend For Embedded Development

“There are more than 10 billion wirelessly connected devices in the market today; with over 30 billion devices expected by 2020.” estimated by ABI Research for increasing impact of Internet of Things (IoT).

Real-time implementation of an inventive concept “Internet of Things” has changed the human life drastically. Within a very short time span, it has started to affect business as well as our everyday lives. IoT is a technology that collects data from embedded sensors or devices and analyzes them to generate potential output. Moreover, it allows to simplify and automate your business by controlling all processes from a handy device with no bar of time or place.

Originally, IoT comes from the embedded development stream. It is published from Machine to Machine concept where mechanical and electronic devices are communicating with each other through embedded devices or sensors to perform collective output.

Internet of Things is an intelligent infrastructure of embedded that connects and digitize different processes of business such production, manufacturing, supply chain, etc., collect data of each process, analyze the data, and store them at internet environment for quick access. When IoT combines with embedded, it helps businesses to simplify business workflow, reduce operational cost, improve service quality and increase ROI.

Data transfer from embedded sensors to the internet is possible through TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). This language sets the data exchange mechanism between device and internet. While IoT interconnected with embedded actuators, it performs more efficiently as embedded products designed and developed to serve a single purpose. Moreover, embedded devices have an outstanding capacity of consuming low bandwidth for massive data usage and fewer data repetition.

Future of IoT for Embedded System

Hi-tech embedded development helps Internet of Things in making efficient data collection, management, and analysis of physical world using current sensors. As per IDC findings “Data from embedded systems, the signals from which are a major component of the Internet of Things, will grow from 2% of the digital universe in 2013 to 10% in 2020.”


IoT Embedded Systems Growth Rate Source: IDC, 2014

Growth of Internet of Things brings lots of opportunities for embedded development. More powerful devices are building with latest tools and technologies. A diverse set of hardware development to connect and manage data with high security in IoT environment.

IoT also comes with risks too. To get all things/products/processes connected through the internet, embedded must offer seamless connectivity, highly secured interconnected wireless system, cutting edge features and functionalities, reduced time-to-market, centralize and remote data management, cloud-based software updates, management of several endpoints devices, and so on.

IoT and Business

Value Driven Business Model

The combo of IoT and embedded helps you to set new business model to create values for customers, increases the speed of time-to-market and responds quickly to the needs of end customers.

Real-time Data Integration

The Internet collects data from different appliances or machines that are connected via embedded devices. Reliable analysis of enterprise product data enhances the market agility of business.

Maximizing Revenue

Monetize additional services of your business on top of traditional lines using advanced technology of IoT.

Global Existence

Access each small detail of your production to supply chain management process via the internet using Internet of Things platform. It simplifies your way of doing business as well as reduces the costing too.

Efficient Operations

As all information is available on the Internet, businesses have more flexibility and scalability to access the data at anytime from anywhere to make profitable business decisions.

As faster connectivity is the basic need of today’s era, IoT will boom more in future. And the flavor of embedded with IoT helps the world to expand communication across different products or processes in business as well as daily lives.

Embedded Systems Development @ Radix

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