IIOT the Disruptive Technology of Fourth Industrial Revolution

IIOT The Disruptive Technology Of Fourth Industrial Revolution

IIOT- the revolutionary ‘I’ for Industry empowers IOT with business intelligence, operational efficiency and drives unconventional growth. Hence on the brink of technology revolution, IIOT is a step ahead of the business driven IT landscape.

Modern industry that demands reliable real-time data processing and response time less than a second, emerging Internet of Things insistence to filter specific data needs with the use of distributed computer resources. Fog computing is the recent technology to IIOT applications which is gaining attention slowly.

Considering the high stakes of industry, industrial internet becomes an influencer to transform business models. But how it relates to Industrial Revolution? Have a glance at modulators that power industries with improved reliability and quick response time!

How IIOT Steers Industrial Transformation?

Asset Digitization

IIOT implements advanced analytics for asset performance management to monitor, optimize and predict events which are subject to cause outages. Applying the advance analytics with IIOT, enterprises become able to prevent the machine breakdowns.

Smart Data

Not Big Data, IIOT pipelines Smart Data. Industries generate terabytes of data everyday, and smart data enables enterprises to collect only that data which is actually required. It’s keeping the concept of smart data ahead instead of Big Data. Concludingly, industries get faster data response times, and resources can get more time for data-intensive tasks. It improves reliability and faster decision-making process.

New Opportunities

Lucrative IIOT applications assist in solving the major infrastructural issues. Driving big initiatives and pushing the concept of smart cities at full speed. Smart applications help to manage critical infrastructure projects. These are the key reasons for what IIOT drive values and pull investments for creating new business opportunities.

Open Standards and Interoperability

Systems in the technology arena need to develop the quality of interoperability to inline the disparate and outdated systems. The whole IIOT network impels IT systems to be updated with the up to date software solutions that can put whole system in a sync. Considering business demands, the IIOT is more into implementing modern technologies to define open standards.

IIOT Turns Digital Worker

IIOT enables enterprises with smart machine to machine communication by incorporating and managing sensor data. Connected smart machines imply operational efficiency and latest production technique that invites business intelligence. Being a digital worker, it drives a backbone support for real-time dynamic of data analytic. Utilization of sensor data with IIOT makes the remote inspections possible with sensor data and tools available that serves a quick response time. Industrial IoT harness enterprises for quality control, supply chain traceability, and efficiency for making them sustainable for the fourth industrial revolution.

Incorporate IIOT with Radixweb

IIOT is a technology set to shake the Industry being a digital worker. Is your industry ready to sustain in the revolution? Means seeking innovation! Transform with Radixweb in the new age of Industrial IoT. Amplify your enterprise with operational efficiency and drive business intelligence for sustainable practices during the fourth industrial revolution.

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