Internet of Things: Brace Up For Industrial Revolution 2.0

Internet Of Things: Brace Up For Industrial Revolution 2.0

With the winds of Internet of Things blowing up high, it is time to meet and win challenges portrayed by this new technology revolution of our times!

Date: 3rd June 2020, Wednesday
Time: 06:00 AM

You wake up in a Home fully automated with a variety of appliances, drive a smart car and go to an office where AI enhances your work experience. Welcome to the age of IoT- Welcome to an age where more than 24 billion devices talk to each other over the Internet!

Can you guess the enormous amount of change will this bring by 2020- yes, we are heading to a future where machine will no longer just speak to another machine-but will collectively speak to the Internet. The time is to buckle up for this Internet of (small and big) Things revolution, touted as the next Industrial Revolution of our times! Connectivity reigns successfully as the queen of the land, while Data by her side as the king.

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With more and more connected products sprouting up on the technology field, it will potentially change the way we see homes, public and private transportation, work and countries today. Navigating through this vast ocean of connectivity will be an uphill task for enterprises who cannot see the “bad” in being optimally connected.

Security, Security and Security

The problem of Cyber Security is omnipresent! From a rising bud to becoming to a full grown forest today, hardly anyone is unaware about the perils of Cyber-attacks. The scale of cyber-attacks that happened during the 2016 USA presidential elections and in Yahoo that led to breach of millions of confidential records is just the tip of iceberg. While adapting to Internet of Things, enterprises need to protect their biggest asset- “Data” from mongers. Implementing true fog computing and intelligent edge devices with the most stringent security measures available is the requirement of the time. Partnering with a technology partner to get valuable insight data with increased safety and security like Radixweb would be a game-changer.

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Bridging the IoT Skills Gap

As per a report published by 451 Research, an organic shift towards adoption of IoT is observed in enterprises globally-but it is leading to new demands that are creating skills gap. With noticeable penetration of IoT in the markets, it is duly leading to a surge in public clouds demand for data retention and storage. The skills gap occurs as industry owners are unable to find right kind of IoT people for security and data analytics.

The report further states that this skill gap will shorten as most organizations are training their in-house IT staff for IoT.

Handling Data Hurricane

To store, retain and analyze copious amount of data is the biggest challenge any organization will face once the hurricane of Internet of Things makes landfall in full force. Whether it is connected car or a toothbrush, every single move of humans and machines will turn into data. Organizations will have to execute well-thought and flexible plans to sustain their industry infrastructure.

Innovative Partners for IoT

It is safe to be in a harbor with a known and trusted partner when the winds are blowing in a new direction for IoT. Radixweb holds an extensive expertise to offer best-in-class services that change the rules of this new game. Whether it is Internet of Things, Industrial Systems, OEM, Consumer Electronics, Wearable Electronics or Medical Devices, our innovative team of experts meet your needs to streamline your business processes.

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