Independence Day Celebration: Radixians Salute Patriotic Spirit

Independence Day Celebration: Radixians Salute Patriotic Spirit

“Yeh Desh Hai Vir Javaanon Kaa, Alabelon Kaa Mastaanon Kaa
Is Desh Kaa Yaaron Kya Kehna, Yeh Desh Hai Duniyaa Kaa Gahanaa”

Did you get goosebumps? We all certainly did. This 15th August 2019- India celebrated its 73rd Independence Day; and we Radixians showcased our patriotic spirit a day before. The tri-color of the Indian national flag is reminiscence of our country’s freedom struggle and efforts to build a country on our own philosophy.

Likewise, our nation’s most prestigious day was proudly flaunted by Radixians wearing Saffron, White and Green, to pay the respect and tribute to thousands of sacrifices.

Celebrations of 15th August - 2019

Diversity at our Work Place- Celebrating Our Pride and Prestige

Different teams of Radixweb showed diverse and unique spirit of patriotism by chanting national anthem, saluting the national flag and singing famous Indian independence special songs.

This day imparts a nation its own unique identity and signifies the principles on which lies India’s foundation. Similarly, Radixweb is a hub of talented brains keen for desired accomplishment, stirred by latest technology to reinvent possibilities.

We are dedicated to make our country proud by championing a place that inspires creativity, innovation and sense of spreading our own culture.

15th August 2019

A Quick Patriotic Glance

The strength of any country is proportionate to prosperity and diversity of its people. We as a company are also committed to work for our nation’s development and care for our ‘Golden Bird’ on regular days too (Other than 15th Aug and 26th Jan)

To team HR who managed the entire event, every Rx celebration is always a new-born baby to you. Jai Hind!

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