Ideas for Successful Product Development and Management

Ideas For Successful Product Development And Management

Product Development and Management nowadays take a lot of efforts, especially due to the tough competition from the rival offerings. Gone are the days where product management is just a targeting right audience, identifying needs, designing steps to build the product and working on brand promotions.

Here are highlighted points on How Product Manager can successfully manage his development team & managers. It’s quite true that without a team, success is quite unachievable. With our more than a decade of experience in the development of more than 15+ industry specific applications, we would like to showcase some of the tips which can be used by Product Managers:

a) Software Product Development Needs Collaborative Strategy

Define a strategy and lead the team to follow it. However, it’s recommended that not to look for consensus. Use your own experience as a Product Manager and give more weight-age to the experience and analysis done by the team. Try to get them to work collaboratively with the direction which is the best for the development and timely project release. Get your upper management’s support. Give your team members some level of ownership while you make sure there is a strong Project Manager to take decisions as per necessity.

b) Software Product Development needs Strategic Delegation of Power and Rights

It’s often said that if a team is hardworking and sensible, then you should let them be free. This holds true for your project managers. Show them what to achieve rather than assignments as a Project Manager. Let them work on the final result. While you take care of measurability for each stages. With freedom and accountability the Project managers can make all designated projects/tasks live and they all collaborate to complete the Solution Life Cycle.

c) Software Product Development calls for Team’s Endurance

Load the Managers: It’s essential to achieve something big you have to be a tough muscle. When we manage a Product Life Cycle there are ample amount of hard work to be put up. And we are sure we don’t want team members to work hard and the Managers only to lead. Distribute the work as per skills and give the critical tasks to the wise and learned. You can engage yourself in the most meaningful and elevated portion, which needs your experience. It’s essential that, each tasks should be done by the best suited. Your team will need some appreciations however whenever you appreciate them, make sure, they understand that this is not the end. There is a far greater goal ahead. Their tough skin will give them the necessary delegation to drive others. A Project manager will get the things done as per the plan if you can lend them your own vision.

d) Software Product Development requires clear definition of roles for the team members

You must understand your roles: You being the Product manager you must have skill sets of three Major Roles :

      i. Project Manager: An application is a collection of various mini projects. You should be taking care of all the goals, priorities, performance deadlines and many other things. Get the work done from the smartest and best resources.

      ii. Product Manager: As You are heading the Application Lifecycle. The Application is your baby. No one knows it the way you do. You know the competition and rivals. You know your clients and prospects. Get the specification and plan clear & manage shipping in time. The timelines are crucial for a Product Life Cycle.

      iii. CEO: Forget what your organizational Hierarchy Chart says. You should be wearing the shoe of a true leader. If the Project succeeds, then praise your team and if it’s failing don’t blame them. Even get into the loop with your sales and marketing. Let it flow and get in the business. Your inputs are essential for the Sales team can get to make this project a success.

e) Software Product Development seeks clear Stand

Always stand by the decisions you make. Clear your vision and goal to your team and go with the decision you are taking. Hard decisions makes great application. You shouldn’t be bothering about a safe route. You also have a clear view on the sustainability. Don’t let other design that for you as it’s your job. Take decisions suited best towards the Product Life Cycle.

f) Software Product Development seeks clear Goal Setting

Your eyes shall be on the Bigger Picture: Your Job Description is to build a Great Application which is best at whatever it does. You are going to make it, travel through different phases to reach the final destination of being best during its life cycle. In all the Phases the leaders tend to change. But if your focus is sharp on Final Destination you may be handling all the phases of the Product Life Cycle by yourself. Even if some phases are handed off in certain stages, then be clear about the sustainability. If a successful application is developed solely due to you then you have surely failed. You need to build a team and organization apart from the Project to maintain its sustainability. You have to even find the people who may be better than you, to maintain the legacy. Seeking the right Software Product Development Services with an experienced partner can make a huge difference to your project.

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