Remote Developers: A foray into the world of remote development

Remote Development Guide

A step by step guide to help you hire, mobilize and leverage the abilities of a remote development team

Great Teams make Great Things.

The above is especially true if you plan to create a quality software product. Let us say that you have a software project you need, but finding qualified and competent developers who possess the potential to work successfully towards your goal is not easy.

However, the concept of hiring remote developers is not new. By 2028, the study projects that 73 percent of all teams will have remote workers.

Location can prove to be a hindrance when trying to recruit the best talent for your requirements. This translates into you having no choice other than going for the resources available locally.

However, if you plan on hiring remote developers, the situation changes drastically for the better.

Now you can easily get access to a global talent pool of skilled and knowledgeable minds that will understand and grab your business vision.

A study by the Harvard Business Review broke the myth that hiring remote developers is not as productive as having in-house developers. It stated employees working in remote software development teams tended to be happier and more productive compared to developers who worked in a traditional setup.

We present you with this article to help you circumvent the pitfalls of the remote software development sphere and successfully hire a remote development team.

Why go the Remote way – Top 5 Proven Benefits

Let’s start with the age-old question. Why hire remote developers? We have already discussed how you get access to a global talent pool when you choose remote development.

This is the topmost but not the only advantage of a remote development team. Hiring and deploying a remote team has its own set of benefits.

1. Round the clock development

Your remote development team is from a different time-zone. This means that Some part of your project is being worked up at all times.

There are roadblocks when it comes to having a team working from a different time-zone, but a competent, experienced team can navigate through the hurdles a time difference poses.

In a remote development setup, developers have fewer distractions and are more motivated, thus shortening the Time-to-Market.

Time zone differences can be a hurdle only experienced team with right process in place can overcome this. You can further read how to overcome this challenges with ease in this trending article – Getting Best Out of IT Outsourcing by Overcoming Time Zone Differences

2. Higher levels of engagement

According to a two-year study by Stanford university, remote workers are on average

  • 13.5% more productive than their office-based counterparts.
  • 9% more engaged in their jobs.
  • 50% less likely to quit.

With the communication capabilities of today, remote developers are reportedly more connected and engaged than their in-office counterparts.

Why To Hire Remote Team

3. Productive work environment

In a remote –working environment, developers have more freedom and less pressure and distractions that stem from loud-office culture.

The development side of the project is worked upon remotely, allowing an in-house team to work on core activities with greater focus.

4. Boosted development capabilities

In a remote work environment, your company hires talented developers at very competitive compensations. This means that when compared to a costly in-house team, you get improved development capabilities at a better price.

According to a GWA study, businesses would save an average of $ 5,500 annually per remote worker.

As per reports, with remote workers businesses can save an average of $5500 annually. Click To Tweet

5. A wider spread Market reach

While working with a remote software development team, your company had indirectly entered a new marketplace.

Your remote team is your brand ambassador who can help promote your company to unchartered potential customers.

Considerations while hiring a remote development team – 4 Key Factors

You now know what benefits hiring a remote development team brings. But before hiring remote developers, there are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind for it to be a fruitful endeavour.

#1. Create detailed development plans with well-defined timelines

Identifying your development needs is required before you hire remote developers. Knowing your needs will help you as a company understand the level of skill and experience you require to complete your project and also help you with creating a budget.

#2. Gauge developer’s capabilities

As you will be sharing classified information and, in return, will expect a project of good quality, It is crucial to understand the competence and dedication of a remote development team.

Technical interview sessions are a way of discerning and evaluating a remote team’s capabilities.

#3. Having a flexible development methodology

Making your remote team comfortable by adopting a flexible development methodology will help your remote team in exercising their expertise and coming up with innovative ideas that can enrich your project and make it more scalable right from the beginning.

In teamwork, Silence isn’t Golden; It is deadly.

Considerations while hiring remote team

#4. The collaboration and communication imperative

Drafting a detailed communication strategy is imperative to create space for different time-zones, work schedules and language and cultural differences.

The right avant-garde tools need to be leveraged to dispel the possibility of faulty communications. Not only is the mode of communication a matter of consideration, but also the tenure, tools used, and medium. This helps the in-house component of your project interact effectively with your remote team for optimum results.

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Questions Raised and their Solutions while hiring a remote team

Many businesses are still confused about whether or not to hire a remote development team. Some fear that a remote team might negatively impact their development process, while others feel that there will be a marked lack of control. These ideas are nothing but apprehensions of the uninitiated. Below are a few common doubts and their resolutions to overcome these so-called hurdles.

Q-1. Do Remote development teams have lower productivity?

According to a Survey by CoSo cloud, 77% of Remote employees report higher productivity and are 52% less likely to take time off. Even considering these numbers, if you are still apprehensive, the creation of detailed action plans, the use of modern communication tools can significantly assist in assessing and increasing productivity.

As per reports, 77% of Remote employees report higher productivity and are 52% less likely to take time off. Click To Tweet

Q-2. Do remote teams affect team spirit?

A company must judge the ethics of the remote team during interviews. Modern communication tools should be used to keep the remote team in the loop throughout the project to keep them associated with the in-house team.

Q-3. Do remote teams undermine Data Security?

Hiring a remote development team means your data is secure, given that the remote team now must protect our data and prevent any leaks or theft. For extra security signing NDAs, investing in security infrastructure beforehand and enforcing security hygiene will minimize data breaches.

QnA while hiring a remote team

Q-4. Do remote teams lead to a communication gap?

Contrary to common belief, 42% of remote workers feel just as connected with colleagues. A reported 10% feel even more connected.

Usage of digital collaboration tools, and working with an experienced team adept in agile development will improve communication.

Screening for the best team: 3 Topics to raise

The value of a remote team is now clearly discernible. Now it is a question of hiring the right mix of talent and effectiveness. Here are some topics to raise while screening a team to help you as a company understand a prospective remote software development team better.

Topic-1. Their most ambitious project

Being self- motivated is a much-needed requirement for a remote development team. If the prospective team has already worked on an intense project, it will prove as an assurance that the team can deliver while working under pressure while remaining proactive and self-motivated.

Topic-2. The first step they will take after being on-boarded

This is a trick question as the team must first clearly understand your development expectations before being able to elaborate. If the team responds with counter questions about priorities, current approach, etc. it means that the prospective squad is a good one. Once you explain your methodology, an ideal team should be able to map out a well-formulated solution based on your needs.

Topic-3. The most exciting thing about working with us

It is essential that the remote development team you hire should associate and integrate with your company’s vision and product. A clear answer is expected from a prospective remote team, as this will keep them aligned to your business goal and save several hours of post-engagement.

Finding the Perfect Balance of Productivity and Efficiency with Remote Development Teams

The ratio of We’s to I’s is the best indicator of the prowess of a team.

Physical borders are melting away in the blink of an eye. Organizations can now successfully deploy remote teams not just in different countries but on different continents altogether.

If you, as a company, want a fast, reliable, and authentic work experience while avoiding the hassles of hiring and maintaining an in-house development team allowing for you to focus on your core-business, remote teams are the way ahead.

Your Next Steps

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