Emerging Trends in Embedded Systems – Updated

Emerging Trends In Embedded Systems – Updated

Isolation, just like us is tough for technologies. Survival of the fittest ones stems from the art of fusion. Impeccably, nothing defines fusion better than “Embedded Technology” that sits on the cusp of hardware components and software programming.

Nearing the end of the ‘Year of the AI’- 2017, it is time to look forward to the upcoming path-breaking trends in Embedded Systems. In complex and competitive markets, companies are dealing with roadblocks like less profitability, lack of sophisticated technology and consolidation of the global chip industry.

On the other hand, the global embedded systems market is set to reach $234B by 2020 as per global industry analytics, owing to increased growth in production and consumer wearables and electronics.

As the chaos around upcoming embedded technologies fail to calm down, companies need to plan a clear breakthrough with the right partner. Here are quick insights on trends set to stir the landscape of embedded development.

Trends in Embedded Development on the Horizon

Artificial Intelligence

The market growth for Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies is unstoppable. We are in a virtual race to reach the end-line of this track. There is a huge upsurge in AI- embedded development with exuberant investments and wide-scale adoption by market giants and numerous startups. As per an estimate, investment in artificial intelligence was set to grow to a stratospheric 300% in 2017. Set to grow with a CAGR of 55.1% over 2016-2020, AI and cognitive systems will drive more than $47B investments by 2020 says an IDC report.

Hot-selling AI trends in action are: virtual assistants, natural language generation, speech recognition, biometrics, AI-optimized hardware and robotic automation. Like others, this road has its own share of speed breakers. For technology adopters, there is ambiguity about what virtual reality and artificial intelligence can be most used for, modernized data management platform, and lack of necessary skills and talent. One Solution- you can overcome with a highly experienced and war-tested partner to make a stomping difference.

Wearable Electronics

The bubble is about to burst. The hype around wearable technology has peaked. With an annual growth rate of 18% (at least till 2021), market players don’t leverage its optimum value- as Wearable technology is yet to break boundaries of being a fad. Pebble, FitBit, or the recent Apple Watch- this industry needs to be revolutionized with superior battery performance, enhanced functionalities and diversified offerings.


Embedded application development is on haute couture of online and offline retail industry. Consumers and business owners will be hugely invested in embedded technology, especially IoT. Allowing laser-focused opportunities to reach a wider market, market leading companies will eagerly use ‘tons’ of data for sensor-based analytics, inventory management, manage losses from theft, and reach out customers in different ways. Move beyond drone-delivery systems and magic mirrors. The new wave in embedded-sensor driven retail shopping will drastically change the way- consumers shop.


The era of tiny and smart wearables has just begun- Healthcare is on path to become patient-centric. There is a mad rush of patients to Big Data driven healthcare systems- and it potentially changes the way people interact, access and pay for services. Wearable gadgets are a common buy now as it brings immense abilities to monitor, track and alert users about various health-related symptoms. To keep buoyancy of the industry, hospitals and clinics are making the quickest sprint to embedded technology-based innovations like sensory tattoos, surgeon micro bots, medical tablets and bedside terminals.

Internet of Things

Intelligent Internet of Things is like The God of Small Things in embedded applications development, it reigns supreme. As per a mammoth prediction by Gartner, about 8.4 Billion connected “Things” will be in use by the end of this year. Though IoT-specific hardware drives many applications, the success is based on its software. In 2018, we expect tectonically shift in functionality, safety and security of IoT-enabled devices. Categorized into three wide domains: robots, drones and smart vehicles, IoT still has a lot of unexplored room and skills to capture newer markets with IoT exhibiting intelligence in homes, offices, factories and healthcare units.

Make embedded application systems a driver for your business growth. A versatile partner with diverse domain expertise, superior technical proficiency, and cost effective engineering will save the day.

Embedded Encore with Radixweb

With the gadgets on the planet becoming more “connected and smart”, it is the instinctual for companies to identify matured tech partners to master this hardware groomed software engineered embedded world. Make embedded development a driver for your business growth. A versatile partner with diverse domain expertise, superior technical proficiency, and cost effective engineering will save the day. Meet your embedded evangelists here.

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