Diwali Bash 2017- A Glowing Euphoria at Radixweb

Diwali Bash 2017- A Glowing Euphoria At Radixweb

Sprinkle…Sparkle…and Splendour- This Glitzy Diwali Radixians Decoded Lasting Happiness

The Homecoming- The Win of Good Over Evil- The New Beginnings! Diwali is synonymous to Lights, Fun, Colors and Crackers. More than a festival, Diwali is like a ‘way of life’- just how Radixians like. We had started to feel the effervescence of the festival in the air since a week. Team HR had meticulously planned for “Diwali Bash 2017” as always.

Diwali Binary to Decode Happiness

Diwali is about reminiscing our roots- whether it is the home-made mithais, earthen diyas, famous folklores- and ultimately the undying power of ‘togetherness’. Taking this feeling forward, our celebrations at Radixweb started by donning up in the best of ethnic attires and attuning to our homogenous culture.

All the teams got busy in decorating their hubs with artistic rangolis and diyas. The day stealthily progressed and we racked our brains to bring the “Best Out of Waste” models out of the Pandora box given to us by our HR team. Different concepts took birth and found their way to life with the use of pebbles, cotton, cardboard and thermocol sheets. It was ecstatic for us to see our thoughts take form of creative models.

Models of Pride

Diwali 2017 Models collage

Boosting our spirits more, the upbeat evening arrived. Our ‘Models of Pride’ found a dedicated spot worked as nectar-laden flowers attracting human-bees. Treasure Hunts, One-minute games and many more zingy events kick-started. As the luck was strewn with a pack of cards, the lucky winners turned unlucky and losers turned Winners. It is a moment of added fun- when our treasured client- Mr. Magnus Hansen joined us to become treasure hunters to find telephone, teddy bear and moustaches hidden in the sprawling lawn of the venue.

‘Bottoms Up’- got the maximum cheer with the glasses of Welcome Drinks deciding the winners. Don’t believe us!!!! Well, Our pics don’t lie!



Some things in life are worth ‘Gaming’ for- Did we say Chocolates! Go Grab ‘em!

Diwali 2017 Games Collage

When the Colors Speak Out Emotions!

Diwali 2017 Rangoli Collage

We Came…We ‘Cracker’ed…We Conquered! Meet Our Winners and Mr. and Ms. Traditional of the Day!

Diwali 2017 Winners Collage

Good Food for Good Mood- Satiating our taste buds with relishing delicacies, the event concluded with gigabytes of selfies. Amidst the fun and frolic, can goodwill goodies be left behind! As the evening melting into night, you could hear Radixians wishing each other Happyyyyy Diwaliii and clicking group-fies. And this is what festivals mean to us- Melting ourselves and become one gigantic force to reckon to win over evil!

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