Diwali 2016 – Radix Amalgamate Tradition & Profession

Diwali 2016 – Radix Amalgamate Tradition & Profession

Diwali 2016 Bash! – It was a fine dine eve right from the ‘Tenue to Aliments’. Knuckled up to the fest evening was Swaged in the colors of ‘Tradition and Joie’.

Dil Ki Diwali 2016 – RXfest Radio

Saddle up Fellas…

As the evening was silhouetting agedly in the hoot to pursue togetherness. The Radixians Boyhood came out avidly when we began the celebration of Diwali 2016 at our best. What happens if the pillar wouldn’t be strong enough of the building? Simple it will fall. Proud of our realm which has been strengthened with the pillars called Team HR – Every time no matter what the occasion is Radix Team HR has given their best to cherish moments. Diwali 2016 was filled with virtue, happiness and memento.

Every hand of whole Radix family came together in their own ‘YOUNIVERSE’ to relive the sense of tradition and welcome The New Year to make alive Forever Young.

  • As the dawn in office was usual – ‘Girls and Guys came in their own SWAG and lighted up the workspace in a sparkling Traditional Avatar
  • The heart and the soul of the fest were theme based Rangoli – which was savored with a deliberate message
  • Noon brunch and team get together
  • Evening which was way sashay equates everyone
  • Spesh of the fest was all the charm combined to games, surprises, rapid fire round, prizes and delicious delicacies

Breaking the barriers of Selfies we made it to Groupfies, keen to capture every moment all were photobombed in their own way.

While narrating the Radix Diwali fest 2016 I was in a dilemma what to share and how to replica the actual bash to you. Because the Diwali was celebrated so piously that tradition and professionalism mixed in the autumn.

Have an eye on our album the way lavishly we described the way more lavishly we celebrated.

P.S – A knowledge worth to share a word

  • Tenue : Cloth/Attire
  • Aliments : Food
  • Joie : Joy

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