Demystifying Myths of Software Product Development…and the Realities

Demystifying Myths Of Software Product Development…And The Realities

In the disruptive world, industry-persistent myths grow as weeds and hinder the deals to be smooth and silky. Unfortunately, software product development is not an exception.

True software quality is the outcome of process and progress. It is highly dependent on evading industry-prevalent myths that surround the process, to reach Bliss of “orchestrated” software delivery, where every process and group is coordinated with thorough precision.

Today’s software systems are heterogeneous which makes it a creative process. It requires a systematic approach to guide the processes that are needed to embrace faster time to market.

Molding our dense experience, we encountered misconceptions are the actual reasons behind this tangle. So putting the right sieve, your must read myths and realities identified precisely for healthy process onboard.

Software Product Development tangled with Fallacy and Fact- Bury the Hatchet

Make a Difference – Fallacy and Fact

Fallacy: In-House Developers over Outsourcing ‘Makes’ More Sense

Fact: Remote IT Specialists Are Your Tech-Bouncers

In the trend of go-online, those who still hesitate of dealing with the remote IT specialists are basically the late adopters of technology. The fact is, outsourcing partners are the tech pros holding intense experience to craft up-to-date software product for the varied industry needs. Capable outsourcing partners work incessantly to alleviate your tech-persona while providing the security of a personal bouncer that is seldom possible with in-house developers.

Fallacy: Product Development is Mechanical just as Manufacturing

Fact: Product Development is as unique as your Thumb-Print

Here development is not just manufacturing a mere product. The software products are always unique in terms of business needs and are not comparable anymore. It is an art and requires intense technical proficiency to bring the latest technology to business. Know the difference- Crafting software product is a way distinct than the repetitive or predictable processes.

Fallacy: Product Development Is Linear Like Driving On Free Way

Fact: Every Product Development Is As Distinct As Alley In Your Home!

Building a software product is not just replicating pre-decided plan on the go. As the tasks are always unique and evolving, requirements and even scope may change by the time. The uncertainty is sometimes taken for granted at the time of feature variability, technology roll-outs, external market force, unexpected delays, new test cases, research, etc.



Fallacy: ‘More Is Always Good’ for Customers

Fact: Oceans Don’t Quench Thirst; Likewise Right Value-Add Features Matter

Right software development is too focused to define the business problem clearly. Integrating more features do not relate to gain more attention. Rather, concentration to build wow features and determining value make a difference. In software systems, revolutionary functions that simplify a process is widely appreciated by the customers.

Fallacy: Adding Extras Is Not a Big Deal

Fact: Selling Socks Along With Shoes Requires More Efforts

In order to stay up in volatile tech arena, it is must to evolve continuously to fulfill ever changing customer demands. At times, the need for add-on modules or features arise, which is non-identical to the original scope. Seasoned industry stakeholders are not deterred with the add-on demands- as they put in intelligent efforts and that matters!

Fallacy: Custom Development Is Only For Companies In Niche Markets

Fact: Every Fish Needs Water To Survive- Just As Custom Software Suits Businesses Of All-Sizes!

Custom itself means to suit your needs! Still the rumor many believe, customization is an expensive process and for large enterprises only. Rather the truth is, customization has no connection with the company size. Concludingly, importance of customization remains the same for SMEs as well as big enterprises.

Fallacy: Incorporating Extra Resources Makes Delivery Quick

Fact: Add-On Resources Is Like Adding Salt as Per Taste

When managers observe projects running way beyond time-lines or if clients persist quicker delivery, they think to add new resources to fulfill the gap in hindsight. This is subjective, it may work for you based on your ‘that’ need. There are the times when project reach to its complex stage where more efforts goes into smoothening the barriers, that can cause little delay then projected. However, the experience of your technology partner is the differentiator to sail through rough waters.



Fallacy: The Release Of Software Is The End Just Like Horizons!

Facts: Software Development Is Realizing That Horizons Don’t Exist- You Have To Go Beyond!

Are Vanilla versions of the software you regularly use, made to last forever? Certainly, Not! But still, termite spread among many entrepreneurs is that the final release means the end of earth. Software development is never ending process as the technology does not take rest and keeps on moving. To match up the modern times, the software product needs to be loaded frequently with enhanced versions.

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