What Is the Cost of Building React Native App in 2021?

How Much does it Cost Build React Native App

Looking around, you would surely come across remarkable technological advancements opening up new opportunities for businesses worldwide. In 2021, whether you are a small business or a giant, technology would be the ruling factor. It is predicted that technology would turn the mobile application development industry into a whopping 935.2 billion dollar market by 2023.

As a result, entrepreneurs are insisting on bringing their brands to your mobiles. However, the cost of app development is an uncertain factor. The price could range from $25,000 and can shoot as high as $2,50,000.

Let’s not fret. These figures are far away from reality. Getting deeper, here’s what you need to know about the most promising React Native app development cost.

React Native: An Overview

React Native outshone as the top choice of mobile app development frameworks for cross-platform development. Launched in 2015, React Native is the first choice of approximately 42% of app developers worldwide due to the flexibility of app development and cross-platform compatibility features.

What is React Native?

The most popular open-source mobile application development framework, React Native, was launched by Facebook. Because it offers a diverse range of tools and widgets to develop Android and iOS operating systems, developers have this opportunity to save at least 40% and up to 90% of the time needed for mobile app development. As the framework features code-reusability, it also helps you save time, cost, and development resources.

React Native approves a combination of modern and traditional techniques to develop apps based on the principles of JavaScript. As a result, some of the leading brands in the world choose this framework for app solutions. Besides Facebook, Airbnb, UberEats, Instagram, Walmart, Tesla, and many more decided to build their business apps using React Native to leverage users counting in millions.

How Much Does React Native App Development Cost?

Whether you own a start-up or an established entrepreneur running a business, you can create react native apps that would be cost-effective and easy to deploy.

However, as with other frameworks, it is challenging to estimate react native app development cost. React Native cost depends widely on the complexity of a project or the app requirements. The price may also vary based on business requirements.

React Native app development per hour can cost from $15 and $25 per hour. This could vary depending on developer experience, skills, and location.

Factors Influencing React Native App Development Cost

An app could be highly complex, moderately complex, or least complex. Different aspects influence the complexities of the app, such as:

#1: Complexities of App

1. Architecture Model Deployment: You may want to build a custom mobile application architecture or prefer a backend for the BaaS model. In either way, it enables you to have a ready-to-use backend architecture. With customization, the complexity of the app increases.

2. Developing Admin Panel: Depending on the number of features you prefer under the admin panel of control, the app’s complexity increases. The component involves viewing stats, tracking all app activities, and updating the content without any help from the development team.

3. Third-party App Integrations: If you want to build a user-friendly application, add functionalities such as third-party login and easy payments. However, such integrations increase the complexities of the app.

4. In-app Purchase: If you want fast ROI from the app, you may be tempted to include in-app purchases in the React Native app. Although alluring, it is complex.

#2: Category

The complexity of the React Native App you want to create depends on the type of app you are building. For instance, a calculator or time has standalone features that would be less complicated than m-commerce app features.

#3: Authorization

To create React Native app requiring user authorization and login, or user authentication, you have to delve into complex steps, unlike apps that do not require users to sign-up or authenticate.

actors affecting cost of React Native App Development

#4: Hardware

App complexity increases if it is dependent on the hardware. For instance, to develop an IoT app with React Native, you must spend more than creating any other native application.

#5: App Maintenance

Once the app is ready and launched, expenses do not end. It is crucial to maintain the app, which involves regular updates, design changes, bug-fixing, etc. Annual app maintenance costs up to 20% of the total cost of React Native app development.

#6: Team

Depending on the number of members of the development team, the cost of building a React Native app shall vary. You can either hire freelancers for cost-effective but unsure quality of work, or you can partner with a professional development company.

#7: Location

Consider the geographical location of the agency or freelancer to be a crucial factor for cost. It varies from country to country, from state to state, and depends on multiple factors. React Native cost also depends on the location.

Why do Business Entrepreneurs Choose to Create React Native App?

Most entrepreneurs and developers choose to create React Native app only because of their open-source, cross-platform feature. With support from Facebook, it is also used for developing Android, iOS, Android TV, macOS, Web, Windows, and tvOS platform enabled apps. Some more reasons include:

1. Code-Sharing and Cross-platform: Businesses need not spend on more resources as React Native features cross-platform development. Developers can build React Native app with one codebase for multiple platforms. The developers only require a fixed set of skills, not numerous or varied technologies.

2. Reduced Expedition Time: Using one codebase, React Native developers can build apps from various platforms. As a result, it reduces expedition time, which makes it a cost-effective choice.

3. Lesser Manpower: Unlike similar native application development, React Native requires much lesser resources and workforce. One project manager, a creative designer, two app developers, and a QA expert can pull off a project. However, when you want to develop your native app, consider doubling the workforce.

Why entrepreneurs Choose to create React Native App

4. Simple UI: Entrepreneurs enjoy the flexibility and ease of using React Native framework. They want their users to feel the same. React native apps are smooth and responsive that loads fast.

5. Inbuilt Components and Reusable Codes: You can share up to 90% of React Native codes between iOS and Android applications, thus saving time and development costs.

6. Community Support: As an open-source, the development community has free access to React Native documents. The most significant advantage is the support from a worldwide community.

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How React Native Framework Can Save Mobile App Development Cost?

Although React Native has existed since 2015, businesses were forced to have an expensive iOS and Android app development budget.

Aiming to reduce the cost of development, Facebook intentionally introduced its new tool to cut development projects’ cost. Facebook came up with React Native with JS library integration, working as a core to build the app user interface. Now, whether the developer deals in React Native or web, both can leverage the broad library seamlessly, customize the feel and look of an app, and deliver a truly native user experience.

Another exciting thing about using the React Native framework is that mobile app development companies can use it directly to develop a speedy, straightforward, and efficient app for multiple platforms and operating systems by simply leveraging the JavaScript codebase.

Besides being a JavaScript framework, React Native also allows developers to create real and Native embedded apps for Android and iOS. Some noteworthy features that make React Native suitable for almost all types of projects include:

1. Using JS As A Programming Language: When app developers use React Native, they choose JavaScript – the widely used and fastest-growing and popular programming languages among modern developers. Besides, 90% of app developers know this language. So, they need not go through the learning curve.

2. Easy Update Implementation: Developers can easily upgrade React Native apps without downloading them, which saves time.

3. Cross-Platform Plus Code Reusability: React Native apps can cost half the price of creating two different native apps. Hire a dedicated software development agency skilled to leverage the feature’s benefits and develop multiple apps reusing one codebase.

4. Hot Reload: It allows React Native developers to save a lot of time in development projects as they make quick changes in the code which reflects instantly without downloading the file.


If you want to build a mobile app but are already facing budget constraints, choose React Native app development. From speedy app development to hassle-free maintenance and easy migration from any chosen platform to community support, React Native ensures everything that could reduce the overall time and cost of app development. As of today, React Native cost is the most effective compared to other frameworks in the market.

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