The Web development wars- Laravel vs. Core PHP

Core PHP vs. Laravel - Which one is best

From its launch back in 1995, PHP has since taken the web development world by storm, and now a decade and a half later, PHP is still going strong. According to data from W3tech, 79% of all websites with a server-side programming language use PHP. That roughly translates into 8 out of every 10 websites you visit, making PHP one of the most popular and opted for web development languages in the industry. But in this article, we are going to pit the old against the new, a brawl between Core PHP and Laravel, a framework of PHP itself.

The question arises, why would you want to compare a programming language and a framework based on the same programming language? The answer is simple- to find the optimal techniques for robust and rapid web development. Thanks to the extra edge that newer frameworks like Laravel provide, Core PHP might face tough competition from its spawn. So without further ado, let the clash commence.

The contenders- Core PHP vs. Laravel

As a fitting initiation of this clash, let us begin with a brief introduction to the contenders touching upon their strengths-

Core PHP

Core PHP is the foundation programming language of all PHP frameworks, including Laravel. Web application development through Core PHP can enable creating an exceptionally dynamic application that can test the limits of web development possibilities.

Some notable enterprises using Core PHP for their websites and web apps are- WordPress, Etsy, Wikipedia, MailChimp, Slack, Tumblr, Facebook.

Enumerated below are the advantages that Core PHP brings to your web development initiative-

1. Flexibility

Core PHP is ‘custom-based,’ which makes it the perfect platform for experimentation and execution of ‘out of the box’ ideas that go beyond set structures of frameworks to deliver completely new efficiencies and features that add real-world value to your enterprise’s development initiative.

2. Ease of development

With core PHP, no library that needs to be referenced, which means that you will have little or no additions while creating your website/web application, thus doing away with the constrictive hassle and building your app through a framework.

Advantages Of Core PHP Over Laravel


Laravel sports and elegant and expressive syntax that makes development a creative and fulfilling experience. By easing out inherent tasks of web development such as routing, caching, sessions, and authentication, Laravel makes development enjoyable while not sacrificing app functionality in the least. Laravel provides powerful tools such as inverted control containers, expressive migration systems, and integrated unit testing, to name a few.

Some enterprises using Laravel for their websites and web apps are-BBC, Pfizer, 9Gag, Aboutyou, Ratio, Crowdcube, TourRadar

Here are a few of the many advantages that Laravel can bring to your web development project-

1. Authentication

Laravel has an extremely sorted and structure authentication process that is simple to implement.

2. Libraries

Laravel sports massive object-oriented libraries optimized to provide a clear modular structure while easing maintenance and later modifications.

Advantages Of Laravel Over Core PHP

3. Artisan

A tool unique to the Laravel framework, Artisan, serves as a command terminal to efficiently control a project by easing repetitive and tedious coding tasks.

4. Migration

Unlike other databases, migration projects in Laravel are simplistic and easy with ‘seeding’ that allows data changes across all development machines.

Utilizations for Core PHP and Laravel

Both PHP and Laravel are extensively used by enetrprises across industry verticals with a variety of applications. To illustrate the capabilities of Core PHP and Laravel, here a few utilities of both-

1. Core PHP utilities

PHP is one of the longest standing and easily the most preferred programming language for web applications and sites. Business giants like Facebook, Google, and Wikipedia utilize PHP. Here are some of the utilizations of Core PHP-

  • Enhanced Cybersecurity

    PHP development helps you integrate robust cybersecurity protocols on your website/web application development initiative that effectively prevent and diffuse cyber attacks. With PHP code forming the base of your web application, developers can easily identify attacks and take necessary precautions.

  • Customizable script codes

    Core PHP offers minimized dependency on third-party email features. With PHP code in place, it is easy for a website to send notifications to clients. These notifications can also be used as sales tools, given that they can carry important messages about new products and services.

  • CMS systems

    Content management systems are a pre-requisite for almost all businesses. PHP-powered solutions allow for the ease of adding and updating content aligned to your target audience.

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2. Laravel utilities

Laravel development allows programmers to rapidly create integrative and extensible services/features for web applications. Some of the primary utilities of the framework are-

  • Custom applications

    Laravel development can create a wide variety of custom web applications that flexibly fit the requirements of both large and small enterprises and their target customers. Custom applications built with Laravel are fast and effective, and as an added advantage, help front-end developers in delivering an impactful output with its integrated blade templating engine.

  • MVC architecture

    While the modular architecture of Core PHP works just fine, Laravel’s MVC ( Model View Controller) architecture facilitates exceptional support and performance capacities. In large projects with tons of unstructured code, MVC architecture can help simplify coding structure and subsequently easing workflows.

  • Eloquent ORM

    With Laravel models, business application performance can be enhanced easily. Laravel is the only PHP framework that enables easy construction and customization of models using the Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapper). It maintains fluid interactions with app database objects with simple syntax.

  • App testing

    Laravel development services offer a set of features that facilitate unit and feature testing on your web applications through PHPUnit. Unit tests are best for smaller code portions and feature tests for larger codebases. Laravel is capable of running numerous unit tests simultaneously while making sure that all new changes are properly tested, making your application highly performant and bug-free.

Core PHP and Laravel- The Face-Off

It may seem that Laravel has already begun swinging heavy blows at its progenitor Core PHP, but the battle has only just begun. Now that we know what each contender has brought to the battlefield, let’s begin the bout and have a Face-Off (Read: feature comparison) between the two.

1. Structure-Core PHP has a modular structure, while Laravel sports an MVC structure.

Point to- Laravel

2. Code reusability-Core PHP has a faster development process, yet Laravel beats this with code reusability.

Point to- Laravel

3. Flexibility-Being a framework Laravel has strict development rules while Core PHP is a programming language, and therefore sports enhanced code flexibility.

Point to- Core PHP

4. Caching-Laravel facilitates cache back ends with multiple configurations while Core PHP has no caching mechanism.

Point to- Laravel

Laravel Vs Core PHP Comparison

5. External dependency-In Laravel, your app will have external dependencies, which may affect stability, while Core PHP has no external dependencies.

Point to- Core PHP

6. Security- Laravel has default authorization and authentication systems, while Core PHP needs security rules to be integrated during development.

Point to- Core PHP

7. Data communication-In Laravel, data communication is authorized via a security token that prevents posting data from other domains, while Core PHP does not have default data communication authorizations.

Point to- Laravel

8. Error and exception handling-Error and exception handling protocols are already configured in Laravel, while Core PHP does not support default error and exception handling facilities.

Point to- Laravel

The bout’s ruling:

After 8 rounds (read: points) of throwing concussive jabs at each other, Core PHP stands its ground with code structure, flexibility, and lack of external dependencies in applications developed while Laravel gains the upper hand by scoring over Core PHP in terms of Data communication, error and exception handling, security, caching and code reusability.

Laravel emerges as a next-gen solution that doesn’t undermine Core PHP’s efficiency and yet adds value to the overall PHP development ecosystem. To make the comparison simpler, development in Core PHP is like solving a mathematical problem on paper, while Laravel mimics solving the problem using a calculator.

Summing it all up

Now Comes the question, What should you choose for your development initiative, Core PHP, or Laravel? The answer is subjective.

Your choice between Laravel and Core PHP should be based entirely on the type of project you wish to commence working on. Selecting the right web application development company and the right tool for the right job is of paramount importance in all forms of development efforts, and you must reflect upon which advantages of Laravel and Core PHP would your enterprise benefit the most by cashing upon.

Radixweb infuses two decades of development experience to build comprehensive, dynamic, and extensible web solutions using both Core PHP and PHP frameworks like the case in point of Laravel and its kin like Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, etc.

Once you hire dedicated developers from Radixweb, be rest assured that whether you choose Core PHP or a PHP framework, we will enrich your web development with an application that is powerful, effective, and on the cutting edge of technological advancement. Get in touch with us now for a consultation that could take your web development initiative to the veritable pinnacle of productivity, efficiency,and market coherence.

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